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The Lifesaver Is an AED and a CPR Coach

first aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation training

According to 2014 data, nearly 45 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA )victims survived when bystander CPR was administered. However, the 2017 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics state that among the 356,000 OHCA that occurred, only around or 46% received bystander CPR.   Knowing how to perform CPR accurately can be the difference between saving a life or losing one. However, not everyone is aware of how to perform CPR, and even those who are can be unwilling to use those skills because of a fear of marking the situation worse.   Tech start-up the VanBerlo Agency is attempting to..

How to Become a Freelance Business Administrative Assistant

Freelancer Business Administrative Assistant

Many Americans are embracing the so-called gig economy and enjoying the flexibility in employment and enhanced work/life balance that freelance employment enables. One of the main growth areas of freelance work is the business administrative assistant space, with small and medium businesses increasingly turning to “digital assistants” as an alternative to less cost-effective in-house assistant. Starting Out When starting out as a freelance business administrative assistant, your first step should be to consider your own skillset. Make a list of the skills you currently possess and also the areas you most enjoy working in.    Consider the types of clients..

How to Succeed as an Online Student

online study while making notes young woman studying

While many people are skeptical about, incorrectly assuming that a face to face relationship with an instructor is vital to the learning process.    For many, however, a traditional on-campus approach to learning just isn’t viable. In these cases, the ability to work from home on a more flexible timetable it keys to the student’s ability to learn and, in this article, we’ll be looking at ways you can excel as an online-only student. Create a Learning Schedule One of the great benefits of online learning is the flexibility it brings to the learning process. However, this can also make..

What Is a DUI Blood Test?

hands a medical doctor holding blood sample

The term DUI is a legal acronym that stands for “driving under the influence,” or, more accurately, operating a motor vehicle while impaired by the effects of intoxicants such as alcohol.    There were 119,100 DUI related deaths in the US in 2019. Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota have the top three DUI arrest rates, while Montana and Wyoming have the two highest DUI death rates.   In order to combat drink driving, state and federal police are authorized to conduct a very specific blood draw, so, in this article, we will be answering the question, what is a..

The Rise of Invisible Orthodontics

wearing orthodontic silicone trainer

An estimated 4.5 million Americans, most of them children and teenagers, wear braces on their teeth, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. About 80 percent of those who currently undergo orthodontic treatment range in age from 6 to 18 years old.   However, the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment is on the rise, with a recent survey showing that 75% of orthodontists have reported an increase in adult private patients.   The survey also shows that the majority of patients are in the 26 to 55 age bracket and most likely to be women, but the number of..

The Gaps in America’s Healthcare System

America’s Healthcare System

At the population of the US, both grows and ages the American healthcare system continues to grow to deal with the increasing strain. While much of the media coverage of the healthcare sector focuses on this growth and the opportunities it provides, there is another issue that is less well reported.   In this article, we’ll be looking at the rapidly climbing rate of rural hospital closures in the US and how parts of rural America are being put at risk by the gaps in America’s healthcare system.   Advancing Hospital Closures Over 120 rural hospitals have closed since 2010,..

What Our Prescriptions Say About Us

your prescription is ready for collection

Every year, the population of the US fills out about four billion prescriptions and that number is rising between 1999 and 2012, prescription drug use rose from 51 to 59 percent. Some of the most commonly filled prescriptions are for medicines to treat high blood pressure or lower cholesterol and middle-aged and older Americans are on more medication now than ever before.   In this article, we’ll be looking at the most commonly prescribed drugs in the US and what those drugs say about the overall health of the nation. So, in no particular order, here are the top 6..

What Does a Corporate Paralegal Do?

Paralegal pensive thoughtful person in corporate office

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, one of the benefits of working as a paralegal is the ability to specialize in an area of law that interests you. One of those areas, and one becoming more and more popular, is that of the corporate paralegal, paralegals who use their knowledge of business and the law to work on legal matters within a corporate setting.    In this article, we’ll be examining the attributes and responsibilities of a corporate paralegal and the benefits of pursuing this particular specialization.   What Is a Corporate Paralegal?   Simply put, a corporate paralegal works for..

Do Face Masks Actually Work?

young woman with face mask on the street

As the number of cases of coronavirus in the US has jumped to 88 and the total number of novel coronavirus cases in the United States jumped by two dozen over the weekend, there has been a scramble to obtain apparently virus-blocking face masks.   However, epidemiologists and infectious disease experts have called the usefulness of these masks into questions, so, in this article, we’ll be looking at how effective face masks are and how those working in patient face roles in the US healthcare sector can protect themselves from this new viral outbreak. So, Do Face Masks Actually Work?..

Is Language Unique to Humans?

learning sign language

One of the many things that sets humans apart from our nearest animal cousins is the ability to construct and use languages. However, certain animals can learn or mimic actions we would see as language skills, so, in this article, we will be looking to what extent animals can use what we would understand languages and trying to answer the question, Is language unique to humans? Animals That Can Talk There has a wide range of documented cases of animals apparently learning human speech, with some of the best examples being:   Alex the African Grey Parrot. Over the course..