Criminal Justice Professional Program Las Vegas

It’s never too late to start a new career. NCC offers you an exciting Criminal Justice Professional Training Program, where you can have a positive impact on your community. As a graduate of the Criminal Justice Professional Program you will have necessary knowledge, skills, and training to have a practical overview of the U.S. legal system and be able to apply your training in your new career as a Criminal Justice Professional.

As one of the best colleges for Criminal Justice in Nevada, your instructors are experienced Criminal Justice professionals. At NCC, we believe students come first. Our blended learning programs allow students the flexibly to learn when the timing is right while attending class on campus only one day a week.

Make a difference in our community by choosing NCC’s Criminal Justice Professional Training program today

Why Criminal Justice Professional Program at Northwest Career College?

  • Graduate in as little as 9 months

    NCC’s Criminal Justice Professional training program is designed so you can effortlessly balance your work and personal life while pursuing your new career.

  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify

  • Hands-On Training

    Visit courts, jails, mediation centers, and more where you can watch our legal system in action.

  • Student Focused Curriculum And Campus

    Northwest is committed to providing a student-centric approach to learning and to the professional success of every graduate.

  • Criminal Justice Professionals Instructing All Classes

    As a CJP student, your understanding of the law and the justice system is critical. That’s why, at Northwest Career College, our Criminal Justice instructors are experts in their fields. Seasoned professionals such as attorneys, paralegals and law enforcement specialists provide you with the best training available. Our instructors teach you about the criminal justice system and provide you with hands-on training so as a graduate, you are career ready in your field and ready to integrate into the Las Vegas criminal justice community on day one!

  • Flexible Class Schedules

    Choose from day or night classes in our Criminal Justice Professional Program. You select the class time that most easily fits into your schedule. At NCC we prioritize our students' wellbeing and want you to comfortably balance your school, work and personal life.

  • Northwest Provides Every Student With Their Own Laptop For Exceptional Training

    Every student receives a laptop when they start their program at Northwest. Your laptop is yours to keep. Internet is available in every NCC building and throughout the campus grounds so you can work inside, outside, from your car or wherever you find your study groove!

  • Careers Services Team Committed To You

    Our dedicated career services team works with you every step of the way to help you find the best externship site and employment opportunity in the Criminal Justice field.

Why Criminal Justice Professional Course?

Why Criminal Justice Professional

What Will I Do?

As a Criminal Justice Professional graduate, you will be working in the criminal justice system including professionals in the areas of security, policing, corrections, law enforcement, probation and more. This high degree of interaction between criminal justice professionals, speicalized organizations and citizens results in a great deal of intrinsic motivation and personal satisfaction in helping others.

Criminal Justice High Demand Career

High Demand Career

Employment for all areas of Criminal Justice Professional graduates is expected to grow 4% in total, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because there are so many potential career opportunities with a Criminal Justice Professional diploma, the growth rate varies based on your area of speciality.
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Criminal Justice Professional A Great Life

A Great Life

A Criminal Justice Professional graduate with two or more years of experience can expect an ~ $15 - $23 hourly wage according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and NCC Graduate Data.
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Putting Superior Training First

The Criminal Justice Professional program qualifies its graduates to pursue employment within the criminal justice system such as legal and policing organizations, corrections and security, gaming surveillance and investigations, probation and social work. Your Criminal Justice Las Vegas coursework prepares you to think critically and act ethically within the local and national norms of professional conduct. In addition to the academic and hands-on training, Criminal Justice Professional students travel through the valley for a variety of informative and interactive field trips. There's never a dull moment in the Criminal Justice Program.

Some of What You Learn...

Teacher of Criminal Justice Professional
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to American Legal System
  • Correctional Systems and Theory
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Conducting Criminal Investigations & Surveillance
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Criminal Justice Training
  • Law Enforcement in Multicultural Contexts
  • Safety and Security in the 21st Century
  • Ethics and Cultural Perspectives

Total Cost Breakdown 2023

Criminal Justice Professional
Tuition Cost
Term 1-2 $7,749.50
Total $15,499.00

Financial Aid

For information about Financial Aid at Northwest Career College, please visit our Financial Aid page located under Admissions and Aid tab.

More Information about the Profession

For more information about the Criminal Justice Professional
Click Here to review the Summary Report for Criminal Justice Professional at O*Net Online.

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Criminal Justice Professional FAQ

Q. What Is Criminal Justice Professional?

Criminal justice Professional is the structure of laws, rules and agencies designed to hold criminals accountable for their misdeeds and help them to restore their victims as much as possible. The criminal justice system consists of three major components: Law Enforcement, The Courts and Corrections.

Q. What is the best way to become a Criminal Justice Professional in Las Vegas?

Almost every occupation within the criminal justice system requires or prefers some education in the field, the first step is to begin as a CJP so you can explore your areas of interest before you either start work or progress to your associates degree in Criminal Justice at NCC.

Q. Does completing the CJP program make me eligible to become a police officer?

Not necessarily. However, most police departments now prefer and encourage post-secondary schooling in the criminal justice field, to become a police officer, candidates must apply to individual police departments.

Q. What areas of the criminal justice system am I eligible to work in once I graduate as a CJP?

Graduates of the Criminal Justice Professional program have a wide variety of career opportunities within the criminal justice system. You can work in Law Enforcement, Policing, Security, Corrections, Hotel/Retail Loss Prevention, Social Service and more!

Q. Can I transfer my credits to Northwest's Criminal Justice degree program?

Yes! NCC's Criminal Justice programs flow seamlessly from diploma to degree. You can speak with your academic advisor if you would like to persue your associates degree from NCC upon graduation.