IT Technician School in Las Vegas

It’s never too late to start a new career in Information Technology (IT). NCC’s IT Technician training program in Las Vegas allows you to fulfill the entry-level requirements for becoming an IT professional.

Learn from experienced IT professionals as a student in the IT Technician program. NCC helps you gain invaluable hands-on training while on campus and places you with an employer partner in the field to gain practical experience during your externship.

NCC offers morning classes, Monday through Thursday, to fit your busy schedule. Students will prepare for the CompTIA ITF and A+ Certification exams throughout their program so they are career-ready once they successfully complete their training.

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Why IT Technician Certification & Training at Northwest Career College?

  • Graduate in as little as 9 months

    NCC’s IT Technician training course is structured so you can balance your work and personal life while quickly learning the skills you need to prepare you for your new career.

  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify

  • Hands-on instruction in the fundamentals of Information Technology

    Our instructors are experienced IT professionals who will guide you through the IT diploma course curriculum and prepare you to pursue help desk, network, and computer system support positions after you graduate.

  • Students are our priority

    Students always come first at NCC. We have designed our academic and student support services with YOU in mind!

  • Flexible IT Technician Program class schedules that fit your life

    In IT professional training Northwest offers day and night classes to accommodate your Las Vegas work and family schedule.

  • Work on your own laptop for exceptional training

    Each student is provided a laptop for easy internet and online class access.

  • Committed career services team on campus

    Northwest’s Career Services team works with you to help you find the best IT Technician employment opportunity that fits your needs.

Why IT Technician Course?

Why It Technician

What Will I Do?

As an IT Tech, most importantly, you will be working with many companies and people who rely on your expertise to get them back on track and keep their data safe. The high degree of interaction between IT Techs and a variety of people results in a great deal of personal satisfaction in helping people in need.

High Demand

High Demand Career

Employment for IT Technician is expected to grow 6 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than average for all occupations according to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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Great Life

A Great Life

An IT Technician graduate with two or more years of experience can expect an ~ $23 - $30 hourly wage according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and NCC Graduate Data.
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Putting Superior Training First

The IT Technician training program at Northwest Career College prepares students to work in every business setting from small offices to large corporations, private and public organizations and educational institutions.

In addition to the academic and hands-on training, IT Technician students become familiar with networking a system, installing new software programs as well as managing cyber security for a multitude of businesses and organizations. There's never a dull moment in the IT Technician Program.

Some of What You Learn...

IT Technician
  • Technician Fundamentals
  • Hardware Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Security
  • Microsoft For IT Professionals

Total Cost Breakdown 2023

IT Technician (US DOE CIP CODE: 15.1202)
Tuition Cost
Term 1-2 $7,749.50
Total $15,499.00

Financial Aid

For information about Financial Aid at Northwest Career College, please visit our Financial Aid page located under Student Services tab.

More Information About The IT Technician Degree

For more information about the IT Technician Education (SOC 31-9092) Click here to review the Summary Report for Business Administration at O*Net Online.

IT Technician School Near You

Northwest Career College is approved by the State Approving Agency of Nevada for VA Education Benefit Programs. If you served on Active Duty, or are currently serving in the military, or you are the spouse or child.

IT Technician Training FAQ

Q. What does an IT technician do?

An IT technician operates, establishes, monitors and maintains computer equipment, local and wide area networks, mainframe networks, softwares, and hardwares. IT Technicians install and maintain networks including, W-Fi, routers, fiber optics, switched and gateways.

Q. Are IT technicians in demand?

Job postings for tech-focused roles across the economy are up 25% from January to October of 2022 as compared to the same time period in 2021. Projected future growth for IT jobs is also quite high compared to other careers.

Q. Can I get an IT job with just certifications?

Yes. Hiring managers in IT look for skill and your ability to get the job done! Northwest’s certifications provide sound knowledge and hands-on-experience that is your ticket to get into the workforce without a bachelors or masters degree.

Q. What skills do you need to be an IT Technician?

The personal skills you might need to being an IT Technician include the ability to communicate and work well with others; to be thorough and detail-oriented; and organized as well as creative in your approach to problem-solving.

Q. How long does it take to get an IT certification?

At Northwest you are able to graduate with an IT Technician certificate in just 9 months! If you wish you become a registered IT technician you will then be eligible to take the certification exam.

Q. Is it hard to get an IT certificate?

Earning an IT Tech certificate is valuable as it validates to your future employers the knowledge and skills you list on your resume.

Q. How much can I make with an IT certification?

According to the Dice 2021 Tech Salary Report, that salary range is from $50,000 - $55,000 on average.

Q. How many hours do IT technicians work?

Most IT Technicians, however, are challenged by the project and task at hand so when a major update is being installed in the system or a major extension is needed, they will work longer to get the job done and leave the system up and running.