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Criminal Justice Degree
In Las Vegas

Expand your career options and have a positive impact on your community with our Criminal Justice degree. Northwest Career College’s Criminal Justice classes give you the skills you need to launch or advance your career with a Criminal Justice degree in a range of fields, from policing to social work.

As one of the best colleges for Criminal Justice in Nevada, our instructors are all experienced Criminal Justice professionals. Our student-focused approach to education means our Criminal Justice program is both affordable and blended, allowing you to prepare for your Criminal Justice career in a way that suits you at one of the best Criminal Justice schools.

criminal justice degree
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Job Outlook Much Faster Than Average


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Criminal Justice Testimonial

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"The Teachers Were Very Supportive."
"Throughout the pandemic transition to total online learning, Mrs. Kim and Miss Lisa, the Criminal Justice Program Chair, were very supportive and dedicated themselves to helping us and making the experience so much better."

Felicia Camilleri

Criminal Justice Graduate

Why Criminal Justice Program At
Northwest Career College?

  • Graduation cap gradient

    Graduate in as little as 18 months

    Northwest’s schedule allows you to attend criminal justice training, care for family and have a balanced life in Las Vegas while advancing towards your new career.

  • Financial Aid

    Financial aid is available to those who qualify

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    Hands-on instruction in all facets of Criminal Justice

    You will visit courts, jails, mediation centers and more to experience first-hand the law in action which will make your criminal justice training applicable to the Las Vegas legal system.

  • Student Priority Icon

    Students are our priority

    Northwest’s student-centered philosophy means that you come first in our Criminal Justice School in Las Vegas.

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    Professional legal team instructing all classes

    As a Criminal Justice student, your understanding of the law and the justice system is critical. That’s why, at Northwest Career College, your Criminal Justice instructors are experienced Criminal Justice and legal professionals including attorneys, paralegals and seasoned specialists able not only to teach you the law and its application throughout the justice, legal and business community but also to guide you as to the many ways a Criminal Justice graduate integrates into a variety of Las Vegas legal and justice professions.

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    Flexible Criminal Justice class schedules that fit your life

    Northwest’s Criminal Justice Las Vegas offers campus & online criminal justice classes to accommodate your work and family schedule.

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    Are all of the courses held on campus?

    Northwest Career College has developed a blended program for Criminal Justice. All criminal justice classes Las Vegas law classes are taught on campus by an attorney. Additionally, although general education courses are offered on-line, instructors are on-campus to review and support your learning experience.

  • Own laptop

    Work on your own laptop for exceptional training

    Each student is provided a laptop for easy internet and online class access.

  • committed career services icon

    Committed career services team on campus

    Northwest’s Career Services team works with you to help find the best employment opportunity utilizing your criminal justice degree in Las Vegas.

criminal justice course

Putting Superior Training First

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is a program of study designed to qualify its graduates to pursue a career in criminal justice including employment at Nevada law firms, Police Organizations, Prison and Jails, Social Work, Bailiffs in local, state and federal courts, Private Detectives, Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators to name a few. Your Criminal Justice Las Vegas course work prepares graduates to think critically and act ethically within the local and national norms of professional conduct. In addition to the academic and hands-on training, Criminal Justice students travel through the valley for a variety of informative and interactive field trips. There's never a dull moment in the Criminal Justice Program.

Some Of What You Learn

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to the American Legal System
  • Correctional Systems and Theory
  • Delinquency Prevention
  • Criminal Investigation
Learn Criminal Justice

Tuition Information

Cost per Term (1-6) $4,498.00

More Information about the Profession

Criminal Justice Program Details


  • CJP101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ202 Criminal Investigation
  • CJP102 Introduction to Policing
  • CJ203 Probation and Parole
  • CJP103 Introduction to Corrections
  • CJ204 Introduction to Homeland Security
  • CJP104 Criminal Justice Ethics
  • CJ211 Field Investigations
  • CJP105 Criminal Law and Procedures
  • ENG101 English Composition I
  • CJP106 Introduction to Security Management
  • ENG102 English Composition II
  • CJP107 Legal Research and Writing
  • HIST101 American Government and the Nevada State Constitution
  • CJP111 Microsoft Office for Criminal Justice Professionals
  • MAT101 Basic College Mathematics
  • CJ201 Victimology
  • PSY101 Introduction to Psychology

Why Criminal Justice Training?

Why Criminal Justice

What Will I Do?

As a Criminal Justice graduate, most importantly you are working with a team of legal professionals such as police officers, probation officers, secret service and many other organizations to help protect and serve citizens. The high degree of interaction between these types of professionals and citizens results in a great deal of personal satisfaction in helping people.

High Demand Criminal Justice

High Demand Career

Employment for all areas of criminal justice graduates is expected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, according to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because there are so many potential career opportunities with a criminal justice degree, the growth rate varies based on your chosen profession.

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Great Life Criminal Justice

A Great Life

A Criminal Justice graduate with two or more years of experience can expect an ~ $29 - $35 hourly wage according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and NCC Graduate Data.

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Criminal Justice FAQ

Q. What does Criminal Justice mean?

Criminal Justice involves law enforcement, corrections, and other agencies, including the court system. Criminal Justice also focuses on the laws, rules, and policies that pertain to criminal matters and these agencies.

Q. What is the best way to work in the field Criminal Justice in Las Vegas?

Students are encouraged to gain experience within this related field by seeking opportunities to observe and shadow professionals in the field, interning, and obtaining entry-level positions within the field. It is highly recommended for students to obtain their education by taking courses in pursuit of their Associate degree and employment in the field of Criminal Justice. Students are further encouraged to become involved in their community by volunteering in service-related activities.

Q. Where can I find information about finding internships and jobs related to this field?

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department offers an internship opportunity to current college students where students may be assigned to Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Criminalistics, Sexual Assault, Property Crimes, Domestic Violence, and Detention Services, other areas. Other opportunities through the departments during or after students studies include sit-alongs, ride-alongs, and tours; interns may also be exposed to more aspects of the Department and its operations.

LVMPD College Internships and

Nevada Child Seekers

Additional opportunities for students with other agencies include working with Private Investigators and Security and include opportunities with Nevada Child Seekers both administratively and in the field.

Our Career Services Department is a wealth of information and support to our students during the process of preparing for employment and the application process. They have wonderful employment opportunities to offer our students and will begin connecting with our students during their seventh (7th) term of their studies.

Q. Does completing the CJ program make me eligible to become a police officer?

No. To become a police officer, students must apply for the police academy.

Q. What fields am I eligible to work in once I complete my degree?

Graduates of the Criminal Justice program can enter into Security, Corrections, Dispatch, and more! They will also earn their Private Investigator Work Card, pending a background check.

Q. Can I transfer my credits to another school?

Yes! Northwest Career College has partnerships with several universities to help our students advance their Associate degree to a higher degree!