Business Administration Associate Degree

Northwest Career College’s Business Administration Associate Degree gives you the skills you need to launch or advance your career across a huge variety of business sectors. With an Associate Degree in Business Administration, the door is open in almost any area of business.

NCC is one of the best colleges in Las Vegas and our instructors are all experienced business professionals. Our student-focused approach to education means our Associate Degree in business is both affordable and blended, allowing you to prepare for your Business Administration career in a way that suits you at one of the best Business Administration schools in Las Vegas.

Our Associate Degree In Business Administration online classes give you the knowledge, administration skills, confidence, and adaptability you need to build the competitive career you’ve been looking for.

Here at Northwest Career College, we specialize in offering a flexible education that best suits you, so you can complete your Associate Degree in Business in as little as 18 months!

Why Business Administration Program at Northwest Career College?

  • Graduate in as little as 18 months

    Northwest’s schedule allows you to attend Business Administration training, care for family and have a balanced life in Las Vegas while advancing towards your new career.

  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify

  • Hands-on instruction in all facets of Business Administration Associate Degree

    You will have the opportunity to complete hands-on instruction with one of our employer partners. You will experience first-hand the behind the scenes operations of a business in action which will make your Business Administration training applicable to the Las Vegas business community.

  • Students are our priority

    Northwest’s student-centered philosophy means that you come first in our Business Administration School in Las Vegas.

  • Professional business team instructing all classes

    As a Business Administration student, your understanding of the business world and all of its moving parts is critical. That’s why, at Northwest Career College, your Business Administration instructors are experienced professionals including managers, directors, HR coordinators, and seasoned specialists. Your instructors will teach you not only about broad business concepts but also about how those concepts apply throughout the business community.

  • Flexible Business Administration class schedules that fit your life

    Northwest’s Business Administration Associate Degree offers on-campus & online Business Administration classes to accommodate your work and family schedule.

  • Are all of the courses held on campus?

    Northwest Career College has developed a blended program for Business Administration. All Business Administration classes in Las Vegas are taught on campus by a variety of professionals. Additionally, although general education courses are offered on-line, instructors are on-campus to review and support your learning experience.

  • Work on your own laptop for exceptional training

    Each student is provided a laptop for easy internet and online class access.

  • Committed career services team on campus

    Northwest’s Career Services team works with you to help find the best employment opportunity utilizing your Business Administration degree in Las Vegas.

Why Business Administration?

Why Business Administration

What Will I Do?

As a Business Administration graduate, most importantly you are working with a team of professionals such as managers, corporate officers, HR directors and many other colleagues at all organizational levels. The high degree of interaction between colleagues and customers results in a great deal of personal satisfaction in working with and helping people.

High Demand Business Administration

High Demand Career

Employment for business administration graduates is expected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, according to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because there are so many potential career opportunities with a business administration degree, the growth rate varies based on your chosen profession.
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A Great Life Business Administration

A Great Life

A Business Administrative graduate with two or more years of experience can expect an ~ $23 - $30 hourly wage according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and NCC Graduate Data.
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Putting Superior Training First

The Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration is a program of study designed to qualify its graduates to pursue a career in almost any area of business. Your degree qualifies you to work as an Administrative Coordinator, Administrative Director, Administrative Manager, Administrative Officer, Administrator, Business Administrator, Business Manager and more. Your Business Administration degree Las Vegas course work prepares graduates to think critically and act ethically within the local and national norms of professional conduct. In addition to the academic and hands-on training, Business Administration students will experience an in-depth externship with one of our many employee partners. There's never a dull moment in the Business Administration Associate Degree Program.

Some of What You Learn...

Learn Business Administration
  • Business Administration Technology
  • Administrative Office Procedures
  • Office Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership and Supervision Skills
  • Marketing Planning and Methodology
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Business Finance and Budgeting
  • Corporate Laws and Regulations

Total Cost Breakdown 2023

Business Administration (US DOE CIP CODE: 52.0201)
Tuition Cost
Term 1-6 $4,498.00
Total $26,988.00

Financial Aid

For information about Financial Aid at Northwest Career College, please visit our Financial Aid page located under Student Services tab.

More Information about the Profession

For more information about the Business Administration profession
Click Here to review the Summary Report for Business Administration at O*Net Online.

Business Administration FAQ

Q. What Is a Business Administration Degree?

A Business Administration degree provides education on various aspects of business operations, including marketing, entrepreneurship, essential business laws, organizational behavior, and human resources. This degree program is extremely versatile and offers enhanced professional skills.

Q. Can I Get a Business Administration Associate Degree Online?

At Northwest Career College, the Business Administration program utilizes a hybrid learning system that incorporates both online and in-class learning for maximum efficiency. While other schools may offer solely online Business Administration Associate degree programs, NCC offers an in-depth learning experience geared towards the learner.

Q. What Can I Learn in a Business Administration Program?

There is plenty to learn in Business Administration! Business is an incredibly diverse field, so your program will teach you about business operations and management, corporate professionalism, entrepreneurship and what it takes to start a business, essential business laws and how they apply in real-world situations, various software applications, and so much more!

Q. What is the Demand for a Business Administration Degree in Las Vegas?

As a city heavily reliant on tourism and customer service, business administration skills is a necessity to keep everything running in Las Vegas. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated an increase of 476,000 new jobs in the field of business administration, and in Las Vegas alone, there are typically hundreds of job posts looking for applicants with a Business Administration degree.

Q. Will I know how to start a business after taking this program?

Yes! NCC will provide the fundamentals of entrepreneurship for our Business Administration Associate Degree.

Q. Does NCC offer assistance in obtaining an LLC?

Yes! NCC teaches its Business Administration students how to obtain an LLC.

Q. Once I graduate from Business Administration, where can I work?

Business Administration graduates can work in various industries, including Education, Finance, Hospitality, and more!

Q. How well does this course prepare you for accounting?

This course is a brief introduction to accounting principles. Within the course, students will touch upon accounting basics such as financial statements, transactions, budgets, expense reports, and other financial documents needed for daily business operations.