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History of the US Army Medical Administrative Corps

military health care

The story of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps starts with the Revolutionary War apothecaries and officers of the Civil War Ambulance Corps. These early solutions to the medical necessities evolved into the World War I Sanitary Corps which was established on June 30, 1917.   This corps of army medical officers would need to rapidly expand to nearly 3,000 members during the war and mostly covered the variety of administrative, technical and scientific duties that were required, but has previously taken the actual physicians away from their medical duties.    The lessons of World War I highlighted the fact..

Why You Should Consider Returning to Education as an Adult

students arriving at university.

Expanding your education as an adult can seem daunting, many mature students are worried that they won’t fit it, or that the benefits of taking a course won’t outweigh its cost.    However, education for mature students can actually be easier, rather than more difficult, as their base of education, experience, and knowledge gives them an advantage over other students. And an easier ride the second time around isn’t the only benefit returning to education can offer a mature student. Growing your professional network Attending school with other adult learners is an excellent chance to grow your professional network. During..

Why is Phlebotomy Important in Medicine?

Phlebotomist working in laboratory

Trained medical technicians who specialize in drawing blood from patients, Phlebotomists are a vital part of modern medicine, drawing vital uncontaminated blood for the blood tests which remain the bedrock of diagnostic science.   If you’re considering becoming a phlebotomist, here are some ways in which phlebotomy is crucial in the medical profession. Diagnosis and Prediction The results of blood tests are used in 80% of diagnosis in modern medicine. A huge range of medical issues, such as blood disorders, bacterial infections, viruses, even some types of cancer can be detected through blood tests.    These hugely important tests are..

Root Canals are Safe and Netflix Agrees

tooth with root canal therapy

After being universally condemned by the global dental community and formal letters of complaint from the American Dental Association (ADA), American Association of Endodontists (AAE) and American Association of Dental Research (AADR), Netflix has removed the Documentary “Root Cause” which claimed that “root canals cause cancer, heart disease, and other serious chronic illness.” The documentary, made by Australian film-maker Frazer Bailey, made the startling claim that the root canal procedure was the main cause of a variety of different chronic illnesses and that the best way to deal with an injured or infected tooth was simply to remove it, rather..

Automated CPR Machines Save Lives

automated CPR first aid help giving life

There is no denying that CPR saves lives. It is estimated that around 200,000 adults and children in the US are saved every year from the prompt application of CPR. According to 2014 data, nearly 45 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims survived when bystander CPR was administered.    However, to be effective, CPR must be continuous and emergency circumstances often prohibit this. Paramedics needing to evacuate a casualty from a building often cannot perform CPR at the same time. However, a new breed of Automated CPR Machines could be the solution to this problem. Automated CPR In place of..

Who Is Responsible for Billing and Coding at a Medical Office?

patient signing billing papers

Medical billing and coding is a complex task that requires everyone in the billing and coding chain to play their part in order to ensure that the patient is correctly billed for services rendered. While it might seem like the medical coders are primarily responsible for this, in this article, we’ll break down the billing and coding responsibilities of the other staff at a medical office. The Office Staff The office staff at any medical practice are responsible for correct patient registration, appointment-setting and insurance eligibility verification. These are vital parts of the medical billing process and can results in..

What Is Kratom Leaf?

leaves of kratom flowers

With the opioid crisis in the United States reaching epidemic levels, some people are turning to other methods of pain management. One possible alternative to opioids that have seen a rise in use is Kratom or Kratom Leaf.   In this article, we will be examining Kratom Leaf, what its uses and side effects are and whether it represents a real, less addictive, alternative to opioids. What Is Kratom Leaf? Kratom is a tropical tree (Mitragyna Speciosa) native to Southeast Asia, with leaves that contain compounds that can have psychotropic, or mind-altering, effects. Is Kratom Leaf Legal Currently yes. Kratom..

What Are the World’s Most Widely Spoken Languages?

people of different language communication talking

The most common languages spoken in the US are, by a massive margin, Spanish and English, but because of the size and diverse population of America, nearly every language on earth is spoken inside its borders. In this article, we’ll be looking at the world’s most widely spoken languages and where they originate from. Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese is actually an overarching term from a close family of inter-related languages spoken in the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Singapore.   Spoken by 1.09 billion people, split between 897 million native speakers and 193 million non-native..

6 Health Documentaries You Can Watch on the Go

medical admins watching documentaries

Physical health is clearly something that is very important to all of us and that is reflected in the rise of documentaries breaking down the very technical and complex world of modern healthcare into something we can all understand and absorb.   In this article, we’ll be highlighting six health documentaries that you can watch on the go and which cover new facets of healthcare or make complex medical subjects more digestible. Ask the Doctor Cut down into 30 minutes episodes, Ask the Doctor sees three highly qualified medical professionals tackle their viewers’ biggest healthcare questions. The episodes cover topics..

5 Common Dental Procedures Explained

dental treatment on dental hospital

A visit to the dentist can be a nervewracking experience, or it can spark your interest in how these dedicated medical professionals keep their patient’s mouths and teeth free of disease. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what some of the procedures you’re undergoing going actually entail, here is out breaking of five of the most common dental procedures. Crowns or Caps Crowns and caps fit over badly damaged, decayed, or misshapen teeth. During the crown or cap fitting, the tooth is first frozen with anesthesia and then filed down so the cap can fit over it.   Dental resin is..