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Best Websites For Veterans Seeking Jobs

A Veteran Seeking Jobs In Website using his computer.

The educational funding offered to veterans under the GI Bill gives them access to the education they need to pursue civilian careers after their time in the military. In addition to that funding, there is a useful set of resources available online to support veterans as they apply for new positions. In this article we will be looking at five of the best websites for veterans seeking jobs. 1. - hosts the “largest veteran job board in the world” as part of its careers section. In addition to hosting job posts, also helps individuals search for specific jobs,..

What Is The Difference Between Criminology And Criminal Justice?

A picture of a crime scene with a police tape in foreground.

The terms criminal justice and criminology are often used interchangeably, which can be confusing for those seeking to pursue a career or education in either one of those fields. While there is certainly some crossover between the subjects, especially in education, the careers associated with them can be significantly different. Understanding the differences between the two, especially when choosing a college course that could define your professional future, is hugely important. So what are the differences between criminal justice and criminology? Criminal Justice vs. Criminology As a rule, criminal justice focuses on the procedural and policy aspects of the American..

How To Help With Pediatric Dental Patients

A dental assistant Helping Pediatric Dental Patient stay calm.

As every dental assistant knows it is much easier to treat patients when they feel comfortable. As a dental assistant, part of your responsibilities is to monitor patients during dental treatments for discomfort or distress. You can then use your interpersonal skills to calm them and put them at ease.   Pediatric dental patients come with their own unique set of challenges and require a certain approach in order to overcome those challenges. Communication can be more difficult that with adults and, although many people are wary about going to the dentist, a scared child can be very difficult to..

What Skills Does A Pharmacy Technician Need To Be Successful?

A Successful Pharmacy Technician smiling.

Pharmacy technical is a skilled position with a range of significant responsibilities. In order to excel as a pharmacy technician you will need to identify and improve on the skills that are most relevant to the job, increasing your utility and ability to progress your career. To help you identify the skills and abilities you'll need to be an outstanding pharmacy technician we’ve listed those skills that have the greatest impact on the role. Mathematically Proficient In a position where you are expected to control both the filling of prescriptions and measuring of pharmaceuticals, in addition to retail and administrative..

The Benefits Of Studying Medical Administrative Assistant Online

medical admin assisting students studying online

Here at Northwest Career College, we recognize that not everyone has time in their busy Las Vegas schedule to accommodate full time, on-campus study. We also firmly believe that your commitments to your family, personal and professional life shouldn’t prevent you from accessing the qualification that you deserve, which is why we offer a range of study modes, including part-time and online.   For some people, especially those returning to education, online study can seem daunting. However, for millions of Americans, studying online has been the ideal way to work towards the qualification they want while still committing time and..