8 Easy to Follow Tips for Exam Success

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  • May 8, 2023
  • 5 min read
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Exam season is always a tough time for students. It’s stressful, hectic, and most people are glad to see the back of it.

While we here at Northwest Career College are proud of the effort our students put into their exams and the excellent results they achieve, we recognize that exam time is hard on them. So, to make things as easy as possible and lend a helping hand, here at 8 easy to follow tips to help you on the road to exam success.

Make the Most of Your Study Time

The best way to study isn’t just to panic, bury your head in a heap of books and hope for the best. The best way is to get organized, make a schedule, and work out how much time you need for each subject.

Study a little each day and give your brain a break every 45 minutes. Avoid cramming the night before – it’s not the way to guarantee a good mark.

Don’t Study Solo 

No, we don’t mean Han Solo, don’t get cocky kid! We mean don’t study alone.

Why not form a study group with friends? It’ll provide you with variety and moral support, plus it’s motivating to have people around you who are working towards the same goals.

Cutting yourself off during your exam period is a bad idea. Exams are a stressful time and not socializing, coupled with that stress, can have a negative effect on your emotional state and mental health.

Take some time out of your revision timetable to socialize with friends and classmates, even if that just means forming a study group. Studies have shown that spending just one hour per day in the company of friends and family can help combat feelings of stress and anxiety.

Find Ways to Deal With Your Stress

Exam stress is perfectly normal. In fact, a little bit of stress can be a positive motivator, however, too much of it can negatively affect your performance.

So take regular breaks, exercise daily, and spend time relaxing with friends. If you begin to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, step away from the books for a while.

Studies have shown that spending just one hour per day in the company of friends and family can help combat feelings of stress and anxiety.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your instructors for help. It’s what they are there for and they’ll be glad to assist.

If you need clarification on a topic you’re struggling with, then ask them to talk you through it. Don’t panic in silence when there’s a support network around you.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Rest is good for your brain. Get a full eight hours of sleep each night and avoid studying till the early hours.

Lack of sleep affects our ability to be creative and innovative, and problem-solving and decision making skills are less effective. Specifically, cognitive functions are reduced, including the ability to concentrate and pay attention. Lack of sleep can also cause memory issues.

With that in mind, Set yourself a time at which you always stop work, 9 pm is probably late enough for most people, and be rigid about it. That will give you enough time to relax before you want to go to bed.

Prep the Night Before

Pack everything you need into a bag the night before.  This way you can avoid a last-minute rush the next day.

Essential items might include pens, pencils, a calculator and water, but check beforehand that you are allowed to bring these items into the exam room.

Have a Good Breakfast

On the day of your exam try to get up early and eat breakfast, even if the butterflies in your stomach mean you don’t feel like it. Hunger will slow down your brain and make you more irritable and nervous 

It’s always a good idea to wear comfortable clothes with layers you can add or remove. You don’t know how warm or cold the exam room will be and being uncomfortable will distract you from your exam.

Take Your Time When You’re in the Exam Room

When waiting outside the exam room, avoid the temptation to discuss what you’ve studied with your friends. You’ll probably all have studied slightly different things so don’t panic each other!

Just sit quietly outside the room, breathe deeply and avoid looking at your notes. Once inside, read the exam instructions very carefully. Allocate time for each question and keep an eye on the clock.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, skip it and return to it later. Never leave an exam early, use your time given to fully complete and revise your answers. And remember,  you can only do your best.

Committed To Inspiring Excellence

Here at Northwest Career College, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible facilities to allow them to take advantage of the excellent courses we have on offer. In addition to our Pearson VUE testing center, we also offer morning, afternoon,  night, online and blended classes to accommodate your Las Vegas work and family schedule. And, we have an experienced Career Services team to help you find the best employment opportunity for your new career. Call us today at (702) 403-1592 to find out more about what we can offer you!

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