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Your 2021 Graduation…NCC Style!

Greetings Graduates

We’d like to ask for about 15 minutes (or less) of your time to read through and answer this graduation registration page! Thank you in advance for your help in preparing for your graduation ceremony!

Graduation is an exciting time for everyone at Northwest Career College but we know that we all need to stay safe while we celebrate!

Your ceremony will be an amazing technological hybrid of in-person, virtual, and live-viewing. We have set aside the dates of Friday, March 26th, and Saturday, March 27th for the ceremony to be filmed. Click here to see your assigned graduation date and time.

graduation picture

Graduation Experience


We’ve created this interactive page to help you navigate your graduation experience. Please use this page to help us gather all of the information needed to make your graduation experience a carefree one! Make sure that you answer every item on your graduation checklist in order to receive your diploma and walk at your graduation (filmed on March 26 – 27, 2021) and broadcast on April 16, 2021


During your graduation experience, you will have a professional photo as well as a cap and gown photo taken for you to use as you would like.


Your photos are our gift to you. Use your headshot for use on your resume, Linkedin, Indeed, social media as well as your professional presence on the web. Share your cap and gown photo with friends and family for everyone’s enjoyment!


You will be given a ceremonial NCC tassel for you to use and keep!


As you receive your diploma, you will be asked if you’d like to say a few words to your fellow graduates, instructors, friends or family.


After you have walked, we would be honored to have you say a few words on video about your time at NCC to be shared with future students and on social media. We want to hear from you and hope you will participate because what you say matters most!


You’ll finish your experience by Spinning the Wheel for an Alumni gift from Northwest Career College!

Register For Your Graduation

As you proceed through this page, more information will be provided for you. Please take a few minutes to create your graduation account and become familiar with all of the items needed to graduate.

The date for registration has expired, Next registration will be soon!

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We will be running a Live Social Media Wall during your graduation ON THIS PAGE and we want you to post and share on the wall and then share it with your friends and family! So, let’s get you ready to party!

Graduation Information & FAQs

Q. When Is My Assigned Day and Time To Film My Graduation?

Click here to see your assigned graduation date and time.

Q. Where Will My Filming Take Place?

Your filming will take place on campus at the PAC:
7361 Prairie Falcon Rd. Suites 130
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Q. What Is The Procedure For Having Our Photos Taken?

There will be two separate photo stations set up for your photos (in separate rooms for plenty of social distancing). The first station will be for your professional headshot photo. The second station will be for your cap and gown headshot.

Q. What Should I Wear?

Think classic.

Women should wear professional blouses, dresses or suits in solid colors or with very light patterns in the material.

Plain colors are your best choice. Patterns or prints distract and date your photo. Choose mid-tone colours in blue, green, wine and purple because they are universally flattering. Avoid wearing tops in flesh tones (cream, beige, pastels, peach, or yellow) as they will blend your face into your clothes.

Don’t wear all black or all white. Even though black is slimming, neutral tones like gray or light pastels like lilac or blue are good options. The camera will boost contrast. White is a bad choice because it can be too visually overwhelming and “blind” the viewer.

Men should wear dark colors, such as grey or navy blue. Bold patterns and colors, as well as shiny ties, detract from the face and can look unprofessional. Don’t wear all black or all white. The camera will boost contrast. White is a bad choice because it can be too visually overwhelming and “blind” the viewer.

If you don’t wear a tie, it’s best to wear a sweater or jacket or some other kind of layer to break up your outfit to stop you from looking like a floating head!

Q. How Should I Look?

It’s best to look like yourself. Keep in mind that while you can undoubtedly wear some makeup to feel confident, our team can and will retouch an image to erase any flaws such as blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Q. How Should I Wear My Hair?

Wear your hair in it’s natural style but if it is loose and flyaway, you should pull it back or put it up out of your face.

Don’t dye or cut your hair right before the shoot. Some shades of freshly dyed hair can look too vibrant and usually dull down about 1-2 weeks later.

Q. Do I Get To Keep My Photos?

Yes you do! They will be emailed to you by April 15, 2021.

Q. Who Do I Contact If I Have A Question About…?

Q. Are There Any Items From Our Graduation Ceremony That We Take Home With Us?

Yes! You will get your 2021 NCC tassel, your earned cords (for honor roll and perfect attendance should you qualify), your diploma (if you graduated before March) and a copy of your transcript!

Q. Does NCC Provide My Cap And Gown?

Yes! NCC will make available to you a cleaned and disinfected cap and gown for you to wear during the ceremony. You will return these as you leave just before you Spin the Wheel for your Alumni gift!

Q. Can I Decorate My Cap?

Yes! If you would like to decorate your cap, you will need to purchase a black graduation cap for the ceremony.

We suggest the following link click here

Although the NCC caps are a shinier material than this style, the matte finish makes decorating your cap much easier. Make sure we get a photo of your decorated cap for the graduation video!

Q. Can My Friends And Family Attend The Filming?

Your family and friends can wait for you outside of the PAC and congratulate you after you walk but unfortunately, due to capacity limitations, no one other than the graduate and college staff can enter the building during filming. We ask that if guests come to cheer you on that they wait outside or in their cars. Please remember that crowds cannot be formed so we can keep everyone at NCC safe and healthy!

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