Can VR Help Your Dental Practice?

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  • March 11, 2024
  • 3 min read
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It might seem like an odd addition to the dental office, but VR technology in making an impact on how dental procedure is performed and perceived. In this article, we’ll be looking at the potential benefits VR could bring to your practice.

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Can VR Help Your Dental Practice?

Reducing Fear, Pain, and Anxiety During Patients’ Dental Visits

Perception, and the human brain’s interpretation of it, is a powerful thing. Trials in the US have indicated that most people associate the common sights of the dental theater with significant levels of pain and stress.

Research into the behavior of children during pulp therapy of primary molars indicated that the use of VR to show scenes that promoted relaxation and calm showed a significant decrease in pain perception and anxiety scores with the use of VR during dental treatment.

More Effective Pain Medication

While no studies have been conducted in the dental space, studies on patients in a burn unit having their bandages changed showed that patients immersed in VR showed a 70% reduction in pain with no medication.

This is particularly important at a time when the use of opioid medication is coming under more and more scrutiny.

A recent study finds that some teens and young adults are initially exposed to opioids at the dentist. 

The study reported that 80% of patients ages 13 to 30 filled an opioid prescription after having their wisdom teeth removed. The report found that 7% of teens and young adults who were prescribed opioids at their dentist’s office continued to take more of the drugs. More than 5% went on to abuse opioids

Increase the Chances of Patients Booking Needed Procedures

A study conducted in 2018 called “Virtual reality exposure therapy for the treatment of dental phobia” demonstrated that VR showed a significant decrease in dental anxiety scores and behavioral avoidance. 

Four of five VR participants, picked for their aversion for the dentists, booked an appointment for a required treatment after a VR session while none of the non-VR participants booked appointments.

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