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Am I Eligible for VA Approved Funding in 2021?

VA Education Benefits

The rules for VA Approved Education Funding have changed slightly for 2021, so if you’re thinking of joining us here at NCC to start a new career after your service, here is a rundown of the rules around eligibility.  Am I Eligible for Education Benefits? According to the VA, You may be eligible for VA education benefits (Chapter 35 benefits) if you’re the child or spouse of a service member and one of the descriptions listed below is true of the service member.   One of these must be true. The service member:   Died in the line of duty..

What Skills Are Business Administrative Assistant Employers Looking For?

Business Administrative Assistant Typing

The roles and responsibilities of the business administrative assistant are strongly grounded in their skills and abilities, and today we’ll be looking at what skills business administrative assistant employers are looking for. Rapid Typing Skills All types of administrative professionals will spend much of their time typing at their keyboards. Whether they've taken professional typing courses or not, they'll likely find their speed and accuracy improving over time.    With computers found in almost every workplace, typing skills have become more important in every industry. You'll find any prospective employer will assume you have the proper typing skills. The faster..

FAFSA 2021: The Facts

student aid

If you’re considering applying to join us here at NCC, and you should be, one of the first steps you should take is figuring out what student financial aid is available to you. To help out, we’;ve put together this brief guide to the facts for FAFSA 2021. What Types of Federal Student Aid Are Available? According to Student Loan Hero, while there are no overall FAFSA income limits, the type of aid you’re eligible for and whether you qualify for need-based financial aid will depend on your family’s finances.   Even if you don’t think you qualify for need-based..

Why Choose Dental Administration as Your New Career?

Dental Administrative

If you’re looking for a new career that offers great opportunities, good salary, fantastic benefits, and a excellent sense of job satisfaction, here are five reasons why dental administration might be just what you’re looking for.   1. The Salary Highly Competitive The dental field offers a very competitive salary.  From entry level positions to top management positions, the salary rates are nothing to balk at. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for a Dental Receptionist is $35,970, the highest salary in the healthcare industry.  Dental Administration Managers earn an average yearly salary of..

Why Choosing to Study Phlebotomy at NCC Is the Right Choice

Study Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy is a critical part of our healthcare system and job opportunities in the healthcare sector are on the rise. With the demand for qualified phlebotomists rising, more and more people are attending phlebotomy courses to qualify into this exciting new career option. So, if you’re thinking about training as a phlebotomist, here is why choosing to study phlebotomy at NCC is the right choice. You Can Graduate Fast and Join the Job Market We understand that our students want to get out there and start their new career as fast as possible, which is why we’ve made it possible..