4 Steps To Editing Your Own Work

women editing task at hand

Adults returning to education can often face some unique challenges. Alongside juggling your classes with your other responsibilities, and potentially studying while working, you might find that you’re a little rusty when it comes to basic educational skills.   Editing your own work is a fundamental part of making the best of your assignments and is a skill that will carry forward into the majority of careers. It doesn't matter how well you research and articulate your points, you will lose marks if your work is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. To help you brush up on your editing..

How To Handle Dental Office Emergencies

Handle Dental Office

As a medical assistant, learning how to calmly and quickly react to an emergency situation is hugely important. Emergencies can occur in any professional setting, but the presence of medications, dental operations and the stress that dental procedures cause in some patients can increase the chances of you needing to deal with an accident or emergency in a dental practice. To give you a solid grounding in how to handle dental office emergencies we’ve put together the following tips.   Develop an Office Emergency Plan Having a solid plan in place to deal with dental office emergencies is the first..

How To Study When You Are Working Full Time

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Here at Northwest, we understand that not everyone who wants to enroll with us has the option to study full-time, which is why we offer a flexible range of class options. We offer morning and night classes as well as full and part-time study options to accommodate your busy Las Vegas work and family schedule.   If you are thinking of joining us, but aren’t sure how studying for a new and exciting career can fit around your existing work commitments, here are some tips on how you can combine study and full-time work.   Make A Study Plan Taking..

Communication Strategies for Medical Administrative Assistants

Medical Administrative Assistants Communicating

Communication is a vital part of the medical administrative assistants position. As the administrative heart of a medical practice you will be expected to communicate effectively between staff, patients, departments and third parties, making a effective communication strategy a vital part of your position. To help you get to the top of your communication game, we’ve put together some of the top communication strategies for medical administrative assistants.   1. Ask the right questions - Asking questions is always a good thing for a medical administrative assistant to do, but asking the right questions in a foundational part of an effective..

How to Use Music As Part Of Massage Therapy?

Getting massage while listening to music

Great massage therapy isn’t just about knowing and applying the right techniques, it’s about setting the scene properly and using everything at your disposal to make the customer as happy and relaxed as possible. Music has a significant part to play in creating that kind of relaxed atmosphere. Think about your favorite song, then consider how just hearing it can smooth away some of the stresses of a troubled day. The right music during massage can have the same effect, allowing you to better relax your patient and for them to have a more enjoyable massage experience. To help you..

Five Tips For Overcoming Your Language Learning Anxiety

Student getting stress learning language

Have you ever been sat in a language lesson and wished that the ground would just open up and swallow you? Do you stay awake all night panicking about your exams? Have you ever avoided speaking during class or assignments because you were scared of making a mistake? Don’t worry if you have these kinds of anxious thoughts and feelings are common among foreign language learners. To help you get the best out of your English lessons, here are some tips on how to manage that anxiety.   Not Every Word In Your Sentence Must Be Correct It is totally..

What Jobs Are Available In The Correctional Sector?

corrections officer on duty

When most people think of careers in the correctional sector, they imagine working as a correctional officer. While this is completely understandable and correctional officers are both a great career choice and a hugely important part of the system, there are a vast range of other jobs available both inside and outside of correctional facilities. Correctional Officer Correctional officers are the front line of most correctional facilities, tasked with keeping corrections staff, as well as inmates, safe. A correctional officer’s duties revolves around overseeing inmates and suspects awaiting trial. On a day to day basis you might be called on..

Top 5 Budgeting Tools For Students

Students budgeting

Returning to education can be a financially difficult time, especially if you are a adult learner. You have all the same fiscal responsibilities, but some of your potential earning time is taken up by education. In the long run, that education will lead to better opportunities to advance your career and gain access to a better salary. In the short term, here are five budgeting tools that can help you manage your money while you study.   1. You Need a Budget - YNAB allows you to both track your current spending and plan a way to get free of..

4 Traits Every Successful Phlebotomist Possesses

A Phlebotomy technician writing information

Anyone who has ever had their blood taken will know the difference between a good and a bad phlebotomy technician, and it only rarely has to do with their ability with a butterfly needle. If you are thinking about training as a phlebotomy technician or are training as one and want to improve your interactions with your patients, here are the four traits every successful phlebotomist possesses.   Steady Hands This might seem obvious, but in any career where you spend most of your time sticking needles into people’s arms, having steady hands is a real must. But beyond the..

How To Excel At Learning Medical Coding

learning medical coding online

Medical billing and coding is a vital part of our modern healthcare system, converting treatments and services into unique codes are then sent to the health insurance company as part of the billing process. Learning all of the differing and discreet medical codes is very much like learning a new language and can be the hardest part of achieving your medical billing and coding qualification. To help you master this new coding language, we’ve put together five easy to understand tips to help you excel at learning medical coding.   1. Use alternative resources - Here at Northwest, our comprehensive Medical..