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4 Dental Administration Skills That Employers Look For

dental admin assistant at work

As the dental industry in the US expands, the need for committed dental administrative assistants in greater than ever.   Employment for entry-level positions in the dental field is expected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations according to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Salary expectations for dental administrative assistants are also on the rise. On average, entry-level employment in the dental field earns between $38,660 to $54,800 a year with more than half of working DAAs earning more.   So, if you are looking..

Tips for Veterans Returning to Education

benefits sign in hands of veterans aid

Many veterans choose to return to education after their service in order to find a new skill set that will help them better integrate with civilian life.   The good news is that there is plenty of financial support for veterans returning to education. So, if you are thinking of going back to school once you have finished your term in the armed forces, here are some tips to help you make that idea a reality. Find a Veteran Community in Higher Education Veterans face a unique challenge when it comes to relating to their civilian classmates who may not..

The Differing Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Men and Women

Symptoms of Heart Attacks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women. Each year, over 735,000 people have a heart attack in the United States.   Despite the numbers of heart attack victims being roughly equal between then genders, more women than men die every year from a heart attack and women are also more likely to suffer a second heart attack within five years of the first.   This is, in part, because the symptoms of a heart attack differ between men and women. In this..

The Best Healthcare Careers for Introverts

Healthcare staff

Would you prefer to be working in a quiet environment where you can remain focusing on your work without being distracted? Does the thought of enforced social stimulation or interaction make you feel uncomfortable?   There are a lot of misconceptions about introverts; that they’re antisocial, unfriendly, shy or lonely. The reality is that introverts are just normal people who get their energy from spending time alone.   The good news is, the healthcare sector has interesting career options for the less socially minded and that’s what we’ll be looking at in this article. Medical Lab Technician A medical lab..

Leeches Are Making a Comeback in Phlebotomy

leeches used by phlebotomist

You don’t get much more of a medival image than a doctor applying leeches to the patient to cure some sort of ailment. While it might seem like we’ve moved past the time when we needed segmented parasitic or predatory worms to solve medical issues, Studies started cropping up as early as 2001 promoting the benefits of using leeches in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.   In this article, we’ll be looking at why we used leeches in the first place and why they are making a comeback now. Leeches and Bloodletting Bloodletting is the withdrawal of blood..

Is Vaping Good for You?

woman vape ciggerate vaping device

In recent years, vaping has grown from a less than well-known alternative to smoking into the most commonly used form of tobacco by youth in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   While doctors agree that vaping poses less of danger to users that smoking does, there are still some health concerns about this new method of taking in nicotine. In this article, we will be examining what vaping is and whether E-cigarettes are actually good for you. What Is Vaping? Vaping, so-called because the liquid in an E-cigarettes is vaporized before being..

Opioid Options: What Else Can We Use for Pain Management?

Opioid Options

Opioid drugs work by triggering a release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are a neurotransmitter that produces pleasurable feelings, boost feelings of happiness and well-being, and dampens the perception of pain.    This makes opioids an excellent pain killer, but they can also become dangerously addictive as patients can become reliant both physically and psychologically on the effects of the drug.   America is currently in the grip of an opioid crisis and drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death of Americans under fifty, with two-thirds of those deaths from opioids.   In this article, we will..

5 Types of Evidence You Might Come Across as a Paralegal

paralegal woman working in a case

Working as a paralegal means working in a critical behind the scenes role, processing and handling different types of evidence that can prove vital in helping lawyers crack their cases.    In this article, we’ll be looking at five of the most common types of evidence you can expect to be working with as a paralegal. Direct evidence  Direct evidence is one of the most common forms of evidence that you can expect to be dealing with. Alongside circumstantial evidence, direct evidence makes up one of the two types of so-called “primary evidence”.   The exact nature of direct evidence..

Important Habits to Cultivate as a Dental Assistant

dental assistant working on a patient

When you first join the job market, one of the most common warnings is not to develop any “bad habits.” This is perfectly good advice, it’s easy to fall into bad habits at the start of your career that can be difficult to break out of, but it does gloss over the importance of building good habits that can make you attractive to potential employers and add value to your workplace.   The demand for dental assistants in on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 19 percent rise in the number of dental assistant positions over the..

Future Medical Technology: The AR Assisted Microscope

health care using future medical technology

One of the best things about working in the medical field is the rate at which the technology that medical professionals use to save lives progresses. During the course of human history, advances in medical technology have cure diseases that have previously caused the deaths of millions, utterly irradicated major threats like smallpox and found a way to overcome the most persistent of physical disabilities, from developing cutting edge replacement limbs to cochlear implants that restore hearing to the profoundly deaf.   That process is, of course, ongoing. New technologies that are developed in other areas can be incorporated into..