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The Benefits Of Going Back To School As An Adult

Adult Students attending class.

Expanding your education as an adult can seem daunting, many mature students are worried that they won’t fit it, or that the benefits of taking a course won’t outweigh its cost. However, education for mature students can actually be easier, rather than more difficult, as their base of education, experience, and knowledge gives them an advantage over other students. And an easier ride the second time around isn’t the only benefit returning to education can offer a mature student. Tangible Benefits Growing your professional network: Attending school with other adult learners is an excellent chance to grow your professional network...

How Chronic Stress Puts Your Health At Risk?

An Woman working in Chronic Stress

Stress is something we all experience every day. We all have responsibilities as part of our social and professional lives, and those responsibilities can put us under pressure. Your body’s reaction to that pressure is to release a series of hormones to help you battle through whatever challenges you are up against.   In the short term, this is a good thing, your body's stress reaction can sharpen your reflexes, make you better able to deal with pressured situations and can even make you heal faster. In the long term, a constant feeling of stress can unbalance your body's hormone..

How To Network As A Criminal Justice Graduate

Criminal Justice network

Networking is an excellent tool for finding a job as new criminal justice graduate, attracting clients and building a support network of people in the same field as you. As a new graduate, making as many connections as possible can drastically increase your chance of finding work or establishing yourself as a freelance operator. To help you build your network, we've listed some common ways you can connect with other people in the criminal justice field. Networking Tips LinkedIn - Regardless of what field your chosen career is in, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for connecting with your peers and..

The Importance Of Healthy Gums

young girl in a dental office giving the "all-okay" sign

While perhaps not as well publicized as tooth care, the importance of healthy gums to keeping a healthy mouth cannot be overstated. Your gums are the foundation of a healthy smile as they protect your teeth’s roots and the bones of your jaw.   Neglecting your gums can lead to some rather unpleasant health issues. Poor oral hygiene can result in halitosis, the medical term for bad breath. If bacteria builds up in your mouth, the toxins produced can cause your breath to smell. You may also contract a gum disease, such as Gingivitis, which can leave your gums swollen,..

Rescue Breathing vs. Chest Compressions

A resque worker administering mouth-to-mouth on a dummy.

Surveys have shown that touching lips with a stranger to perform rescue breathing, and the associated health risks of that action, is one of the main reasons a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) trained individual might refuse to provide CPR to a victim. Thankfully, rescue breathing is not always required, as multiple studies have shown that chest-compression-only-CPR can be just as effective as CPR with rescue breathing when it comes to cardiac arrest.So what is rescue breathing and when should it be used. What Is Rescue Breathing? Rescue breathing is a technique used to manually push oxygen in and out of a..

How To A Create Strong LinkedIn Profile For A Healthcare Worker

LinkedIn Profile For A Healthcare Worker

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for finding your dream healthcare position. Not only does it allow you to connect with thousands of potential employers, it also allows you to leverage your social network to find connections with those employers. The trick to using LinkedIn effectively is to make sure you optimize your profile, so that it highlights your strengths and abilities to prospective healthcare employers. To help you find your perfect healthcare position, we’ve put together some tips on how to strengthen your LinkedIn profile. Optimizing Your Profile Include a Photo: Your photo is the first part of your profile..

An Overview of Dental Insurance

A large molar teeth model next to a stack of coins

One of the duties of a dental administrative assistant is to process dental insurance claims and to communicate with patients to make sure that those claims are as accurate as possible. While dental insurance is a necessarily complicated procedure, it may often be necessary to explain the process to patients in as simple a manner as possible. A Simplified Overview Below is a basic overview of the three most common mechanisms of dental insurance that you might be called upon to explain to a patient   Annual Maximums: An annual maximum is the total amount some dental insurance companies will..

The Evolution Of The GI Bill

A woman veteran with GI BILL logo in background.

For many U.S. service members, the GI Bill® provides vital funding toward education, along with a host of other benefits, such as access to vocational rehabilitation programs, educational counseling and the opportunity for veterans to pass on their GI Bill® benefits to their dependants.   The current GI Bill®, also known as the “Forever GI Bill® was signed into law in 2017 and represents the most recent in a series of legislative attempts to provide veterans with access to affordable education. The Inception of the GI Bill® In the aftermath of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was determined to..

Tips for Learning a Language: Part One

Students sitting on a bench and learning.

Learning a second language can be difficult, especially for adult learners who often do not have a vast amount of time to devote to language revision. The main trick to language learning is immersion, you need to make the language you want to learn a constant part of you day-to-day activities. To help you achieve that level of immersion, we’ve put together a series of articles with language filled learning tips, to help you make your new language part of your life. Immersive Learning Conversation - Conversation with others who are more fluent in language you are hoping to learn..

What Qualities Does A Medical Assistant Need?

a medical assistant working on his desk

When considering a new career, it is best to analyze the skills and qualities most required for that position, so you can match them up with your own strengths and abilities. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the four key qualities needed to excel as a medical assistant are analytical skills, a detail oriented outlook, good interpersonal skills and technical skills. To help you understand exactly what those mean we’ve explained them in a little more detail.   Good analytical skills - Strong analytical skills are a key quality in a medical assistant...