Why You Should Think About Becoming A Dental Assistant?

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  • March 21, 2017
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Why You Should Think About Becoming A Dental Assistant

When people think about healthcare, most often they think about a doctor or a dentist. The next thing that comes to mind are the number of long years in college, then graduate school, possibly an residency, giving up sleep and a social life. Finally, at the end of all that schooling, an exhausted human being opens their own practice and welcomes patients. The people who do go through all of that to become a doctor or dentist need support personnel. Doctors need nurses and receptionists. Dentists need hygienists and dental assistants.


Learning to be a dental assistant involves classroom study, clinical work and laboratory training. The student will learn about teeth, jaws, dental instruments and procedures. Classes include oral exams, medical terms, dental materials, teeth and gum infections, radiology, maintenance and understanding of charts. To learn to assist in a dental office, classes must be taken to learn bookkeeping, understanding dental insurance and proper interaction with patients, and staff.


Clinical training is another aspect of learning to be a dental assistant. Many schools require a certain number of hours to be completed before you can get your certification. This experience is gained through work at health care centers, healthcare clinics, and of course dental offices. Dental Assisting can be a varied career and what you do each day depends on your specific dentist’s office.


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Lorene Marion
Dental Assisting Program Chair