Trade School Vs Community College

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When it comes to trade school vs community college, you have a lot of options. So which one is the best choice for your career?

Whether you are looking for hands-on training or affordable education, trade schools and community colleges offer some great benefits that can help you find the right fit.

This article will discuss both trade school and community college so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your future!

What Is Trade School?

Trade schools focus on training students in a trade or skill, such as carpentry or automotive mechanics.

For example, trade school programs often last around two years and give you the skills to enter into an apprenticeship working under a qualified professional for up to four years.

However, trade school is not all about learning how to do things; it’s also about learning business management and administration so that you can run your own shop after completing your apprenticeship!

What Is a Community College?

Community colleges are a great alternative to trade schools as they are more affordable and the course offerings cover a wide range of subject areas.

Because community colleges aren’t training students for one particular career, it’s easy to change your major if you discover that what you want to do doesn’t match up with what is offered at this school.

But trade school vs community college isn’t only about money; both trade school and community colleges can help set you on the path towards successful careers!

What Courses Do Trade Schools Offer?

Trade schools are specifically designed to train students for careers in trade professions. A trade school offers courses that teach specialized skills within certain fields of study – anything from electrical work to cosmetology! 

These schools specialize in training their students how to do a particular type of job or task, so trade schools cover very specific career paths. 

Courses you can expect include carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and HVAC repair.

What Courses Do Community Colleges Offer?

Community colleges are designed to be less trade-specific than trade schools. They provide students with an education that is well-rounded and balanced, which can help set someone up for a career in almost any field!

Courses you can expect include business administration, computer programming, psychology, or nursing.

What’s Better? Trade School or Community College?

The answer depends on what your individual goals are! Both types of learning institutions offer different benefits, so it really comes down to what you hope to achieve by attending one over the other.

Here are some things to consider when deciding between these two educational options: – If you’re looking into trade professions like carpentry or HVAC repair but don’t want to commit too much time before starting your new career, trade school may be the way to go.

A community college typically has more flexible class schedules, allowing students to earn their degrees while they’re still working and making a living for themselves. This is great if you’re looking into becoming a medical assistant or pharmacy technician but don’t want to stop your current job in order to do so!

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While trade schools cost more per credit hour than community colleges, trade professions often pay higher salaries which can make up for any difference there might be between tuition costs. 

Trade schools are also often shorter (around six months), whereas it can take up to two years before a student graduates from a community college with full associate’s degrees.

However, many community colleges offer accelerated programs for certain subjects which can be finished in as little as nine months, such as those offered by Northwest Community College.

Trade School Vs Community College

At the end of the day, both trades schools and community colleges offer effective vocational education. 

Trade schools are an excellent choice if you are looking for a specific trade-based career such as carpentry or plumbing, while community colleges are better for more white-collar careers, such as becoming a paralegal or dental administrative assistant.

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Written by:

Dr. Stephanie Kenny,   

Dean of Students