Become A Legal Assistant: Achieving Your Dream Job

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  • March 12, 2024
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Become a Legal Assistant

Choosing a career path can be difficult and time-consuming. But how do you know if it’s the right one for you? 

Maybe you want to work in law but don’t have a degree. Or maybe your dream job is as a legal assistant, but you’re not sure how to get there. 

This blog post will help demystify the process of becoming a legal assistant by walking through how Northwest Career College (NCC) alumni achieved their desired careers!

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The first step on the road to becoming a legal assistant is to complete a legal assistant associate degree from Northwest Career College. 

This nine-month program will teach you how to review, analyze and summarize case files; how to interview clients and witnesses in order to prepare depositions; how to schedule court appearances for both plaintiff and defense counsels; how to maintain appropriate records of practice activities including all fees received by type, date, amount or description. 

You’ll also learn about courtroom etiquette as well as basic legal terminology – just name it!

After graduation from NCC’s Legal Assistant Associate Degree Program, our alumni have gone on the work at law firms across Nevada. 

They do everything from working with real estate transactions/deeds transfers/mortgages through civil litigation cases such as divorces, custody battles, and all other types of legal work.

They listen to clients’ complaints, interviews witnesses, and gather evidence – all of which helps the attorney win his case! You’ll learn how to maintain appropriate records of practice activities including all fees received by type, date, amount, or description.

In addition to the skills you’ll learn in class, the NCC Legal Assistant Program offers an externship, which is designed to give you hands-on experience working in the legal field. This is how students are able to find jobs before they even graduate!

Legal Assistants must have strong computer skills, including knowledge of word processing applications and spreadsheet software. 

Legal assistants use different types of technology for research purposes – online databases, public records search engines, etc., so it’s important that you know how to navigate these sources efficiently. 

You’ll learn how during your NCC classes! 

Full student financing and support are available

Here at NCC, we offer a full range of student financing and support for our students, including 

  • Federal student finance options 
  • Student Loans (Stafford, Perkins, and PLUS)
  • Veterans Education Benefits (GI Bill®)
  • Northwest Career College Grant Funded Programs
Dreamers $4499 Scholarship

We’re committed to your success! We’ll even help you find a job after graduation. 

Our dedicated team of career coaches will work with you one on one so that once you graduate from NCC, doing what we can help to place you in an entry-level legal assistant position through our exclusive network of law firms throughout the state of Nevada. 

How do I apply?

Applying for your position in our Legal Assistant Program couldn’t be easier. 

You can visit our website at Northwest Career College and submit your application online. Your information will be reviewed by a member of staff and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know how the process is going.

For more information, you can contact our admission team here.

Choosing Your New Career Path

Gaining a qualification from our Legal Assistant School puts you in an excellent position to access a variety of employment opportunities as you look for one that suits your skills and interests. 

At Northwest Career College, our Legal Assistant instructors include licensed, practicing attorneys and degree instructors able to teach, not only the law but also to guide our students in the many ways a criminal justice graduate integrates into a Las Vegas legal profession.

As part of our Legal Assistant Program, you’ll visit courts, jails, meditation centers, and more to experience first-hand the law in action, which will make your criminal justice training applicable to the Las Vegas legal system. 

Northwest offers a flexible blended program with all criminal justice classes Las Vegas law classes taught on campus by an attorney and general education courses offered online. Our experienced instructors are on-campus to review and support your learning experience at all times. 

Call us at (702) 403-1592 to speak to one of our enrollment team about joining our Legal Assistant Program today!

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Dean Of Administrative Programs

A graduate of Coronado High School and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies, Cassidy found her passion in college. Having worked as a paralegal in a law firm for…Read Full Bio

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