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Unusual Study Techniques For Your Pearson Vue Test

A student reading for Pearson Vue Test

Studying for a test is time most people dread. The pressure on you to learn and retain the information you’ll need to come away with the results you want can be intense. There is plenty of advice on how to study out there, but just as people learn in different ways, they also study in different ways. If you’ve tried the standard methods and they don’t seem to be working, then try these unusual techniques based on cognitive, audio, and visual learning methods. Key Techniques Record yourself reciting key dates, quotes or equations and listen to them as you walk..

The Mental Benefits Of Taking An ESL Class

Woman sitting on ground with ESL Class graffiti.

Learning English as a second language has a range of benefits, from boosting your career opportunities to improving your ability to socialize. However, there are also physiological benefits to taking an ESL course. Recent research has shown that there are significant benefits for the brain to be gained through learning an additional language. The Benefits of Multilingualism The Ability To Communicate In A New Language - The main benefit a person gains when committing to learn English or any language is the ability to communicate with the language itself. This allows the learner to create connections with a wider range..

How Maintain A Strong Immune System When Working In Healthcare

A Stressed Medical Admin Assistant

Choosing a career as a medical administrative assistant means dedicating your life to helping the sick and injured and, as part of that commitment, working in an environment where sickness and potential infection are prevalent. Maintaining a strong immune system when working in that kind of environment can seem daunting, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you healthy.   Exercise - Working as a medical administrative assistant can involve spending long periods on your feet and, after a hard day at work, it can be tough to convince yourself to hit the gym. However, if you want..

How to Become A Better Dental Assistant

A Dental Assistant showing mirror to her patient

The dental assistant is a key role in any dental practice, making sure infection prevention protocols are followed, handling front office tasks and assisting the dentist during tricky procedures. As the role has a number of important responsibilities, it is vital that a dental assistant is always looking for ways to improve themselves, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to be the best dental assistant that you can be.   Stay proactive - Dental practices are busy places and there is always something to do, especially in a role as multi-purpose as the dental assistant. If you..

What Jobs Can I Get With A Criminal Justice Qualification?

Criminal Justice Job Interview

A criminal justice degree is a gateway to a wide ranging selection of career opportunities that encompasses everything from working as part of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board as a Gaming Investigator, to patrolling the wilderness as a Fish and Game Warden. Below are just some of the jobs that you can pursue as a graduate of our Criminal Justice School. Police Officer Average annual salary - $55,010   Police Officers make up the backbone of any state’s law enforcement division and are on the frontline of crime prevention in the U.S. Working within the community to both prevent crime and..

How Empowering Medical Assistants Helps To Improve Patient Care

A Female Medical assistant Smiling

Medical Assistants (MAs) are a fundamental part of any healthcare practice, providing vital administrative and patient-facing support that contributes towards the delivery of a higher standard of care and service. As part of an emerging healthcare trend, the often underutilized MAs are being empowered to become a key part of a focus on comprehensive and coordinated care.   Part of the drive to empower MAs is the increasingly diverse patient population and increased demand for healthcare in the U.S, generated by an aging population. By elevating the role of the MA, the pressure on a given practice’s physicians is reduced,..

Why Take A CPR Course?

A Man Doing CPR Rescue

According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults, with more than 325,000 cases being reported each year. Having someone on hand with a working knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), can make a significant difference in an emergency situation.   If a trained individual is able to start performing CPR on a victim immediately, the victims chances of survival increase by more than 40%. On the other hand, for every minute treatment is delayed, the victim’s chances of survival are reduced by 10%. But the chance to save lives isn't the only..

Am I Eligible For Title IV Federal Student Aid?

FAFSA Application Form

Title IV funding provides financial assistance towards the costs of education for more than 13 million students across the US every year. For many, this funding is a gateway to access higher education courses they might otherwise not be able to afford. The U.S. Department of Education awards more than $120 billion a year in grants, work-study funds and loans to cover expenses such as tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies, and transportation. Title IV aid can also be used to pay for other education-related expenses, such as a computer and dependent care.   Title IV Federal Student..

Making Blood Draws Part Of Patient-Centered Care

Making Blood drawing

Blood draws are the most common invasive medical procedure in hospitals worldwide, with roughly 760 inpatient draws bring conducted every minute in the United States alone. In addition to being a hugely common procedure, blood draws are also a vital one. While difficult to exactly quantify, a commonly stated statistic is that laboratory results contribute to nearly 70% of all clinical decision-making.   Because of the ubiquity of blood draws as a standard component of healthcare delivery, and its invasive nature, blood draws represent an ideal area in which to innovate and focus on patient-centered healthcare. What Are The Problems?..

5 Essential Skills A Dental Administrative Assistant Needs

A Dental Administrative Assistant talking with patient

A dental administrative assistant (DAA) is a fundamental part of any dental practice, integrating with all parts of the business and providing vital administrative support. Here at Northwest Career College, our Dental Administrative Assistant Program will give you the skills and experience you need to perform as a DAA, but there are also crucial skills you can develop, while you are with us, that will help to set you apart from other candidates when it comes to finding a DAA position. Key Skills Approachability: While the responsibilities of the DAA are primarily administrative, they do work as part of a..