Unusual Study Techniques For Your Pearson Vue Test

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  • July 14, 2023
  • 3 min read
A student reading for Pearson Vue Test

Studying for a test is time most people dread. The pressure on you to learn and retain the information you’ll need to come away with the results you want can be intense. There is plenty of advice on how to study out there, but just as people learn in different ways, they also study in different ways. If you’ve tried the standard methods and they don’t seem to be working, then try these unusual techniques based on cognitive, audio, and visual learning methods.

Key Techniques

Record yourself reciting key dates, quotes or equations and listen to them as you walk to and from the library/supermarket, while at the gym or when you’re cooking dinner. You won’t feel like you’re revising but you will be amazed at how much you retain.

Wear a particular perfume or aftershave while studying different modules and then make sure you wear the same one on the day of the exam corresponding to that module. Similarly, have different mints or sweets while revising different modules and then take those into the exam (if allowed). Associating certain smells and tastes with one area of study could help to jog your memory.

Set up a sports game with people on your course and incorporate exam questions into the rules of the game. For example, during a rounders/baseball game, every time someone runs to a post they have to shout out a fact, quote or figure relating to the subject.

Read things out loud in different accents or voices. Then when you are trying to recall the facts, you’ll remember the accent and then hopefully the fact too.

Write down your revision notes in different formats. For example, write one subject as a news story, another as a letter to a friend or relative, compose them into haikus or draw them as a comic strip. Be careful not to waste too much time on this though. It doesn’t need to be a work of art, just a different way of presenting the information.

Find a friend who is on a different course to you and teach each other about your courses. The act of having to explain things to help someone else understand something will help to highlight what you yourself have learned.

Stick Post-it notes everywhere. Literally everywhere. Just being surrounded by your revision notes will mean that something will have to sink in. If you have different subjects or periods you need to revise for them use different coloured Post-it notes to differentiate between them.

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