Why I Love Being a Medical Assistant

  • Medical Assistant
  • March 11, 2024
  • 1 min read
Female Medical Assistant smiling in the foreground while an elder patient is receiving advice from his doctor in the background.

Medical Assistant was never a job to me, it was a calling. Many medical assistants move on to higher education but I never sought that out because I was so happy with my part in the medical industry. There are so many choices of specialties and types of venues that most anyone can find something and someplace that suits them. We have traditionally been locked into office clinics, however, we are breaking into urgent cares and even hospitals working under hospitalists.

Assistant providers to make a difference in the lives of the concerned and frightened patients is very rewarding and at the end of each day, even when it is stressful, you can feel good about everything you did. Becoming a medical assistant can be a lifelong passion for anyone who wants to help people and work in a fast-paced exciting environment.

Corey Del Pino
Dean Of Clinical Programs

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Corey Del Pino attended Northern Arizona University after high school and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a Chemistry Minor in 2012. After attending Mohave Community College and earning her Medical…Read Full Bio