Preparation Is The Key In Life

  • Pearson VUE
  • April 19, 2024
  • 2 min read
A actual key that says "Preparation Is Key"

Before the dust settles on one tragic event here in the U.S. it seems like another tragedy happens and it forces us to open our eyes; disaster can strike at any moment. From the Orlando massacre to the most recent Baton Rouge police ambush. We all need to be prepared. Everybody from the bouncer, to the telephone operator, to the surgeon needs to be on their “A” game at any given moment. No one can predict an emergency, all we can do is be ready. The question is how do we prepare, when we do not know what we are preparing for?

I once heard a mixed martial artist say, “If I stay ready, I do not have to get ready”. Those are words to live by! It starts by being mentally prepared. Experiencing things we never imagined such as 9-11 awakens us to the idea that anything can happen at any time.

I once intercepted a phone call in my pharmacy from a person who had just shot someone. Why did they call the pharmacy? I still do not know, but I had to be prepared to handle the situation. And I did. How did I prepare for such an emergency? Did we run drills in my classroom titled “What Pharmacy Techs do when some who shot someone else calls you at your workplace pharmacy?” Of course not.

Rather, preparation for any emergency means being not only mentally prepared but also one must be physically prepared. Take care of yourself, exercise, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. Make sure your uniform/clothing, keys, phone, and wallet are laid out the night before. Ensure that your car has fuel in the tank and your phone is charged. Taking these and other precautions better prepares you to handle the next emergency situation that you encounter.

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