How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

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  • March 11, 2024
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A woman quenching her thirst by drinking from a clear plastic bottle of water

How much water should you drink a day? This is a topic of discussion that I have heard countless times. Ever heard of eight, eight ounce glasses a day? I have too. But how much is the correct/necessary amount? Can you drink too much water? Is it dangerous to drink too much?


Different websites will give different answers. Many will recommend 3 liters on average for men and 2.2 liters for women. The 8×8 rule only amounts to 1.9 liters, which comes up short on both recommendations. Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contain water.


By weight, many recommend that you consume a half an ounce to an ounce for every pound you weigh. By this math, a 200 pound person would drink approximately 1.5 gallons per day. This is more than three times the 8×8 rule. So is the 8×8 rule no good anymore? The fact is that many people do not consume even half of the 8×8 rule. With so many additives available to put into bottled water, it negates the effectiveness of the water. Many people buy cases of bottled water, only to add flavoring/calories, etc to it.


Is drinking too much water dangerous? In short, the answer is yes. Why? Normally our bodies get rid of excess fluids via urine. But what happens when the intake of fluid is too fast for the body to get rid of? The fluids pass from the blood into the cells of organs, such as the brain, which interferes with normal functioning. This can lead to light-headedness, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. If this condition is not treated, it can result in coma and death. So how much is needed to become fatal? Again, there are many answers available but one amount seems to be agreed on. About 6 liters will be fatal for a 175 pound person. This is double the amount that is recommended for an average male.


So the next time somebody brings up this topic, ask them how much is needed and compare to the facts you have learned here. Now, who’s in the mood for some water?

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