The Ethics of Healthcare

  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • March 11, 2024
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When studying healthcare, the topic of ethics is always addressed. Ethics can be defined as rules and principles which govern how someone behaves. These same types of guiding behaviors can be applied to groups and societies as well. Ethics shape how we act and behave.


Anything out of established principals is typically deemed unethical. Some principles leave no room for debate while others have “gray” areas which leads to much debate. For example, the use of embryonic stem cells and abortion. Both of which challenge principles of life and death.


How we use the rules and principles can be defined as morals. As we study medicine, we are taught what is acceptable and unacceptable. We must decide how we use the information we have learned. There are many examples of how the principles of ethics have been violated and how someone’s morals corrupted healthcare and put patients’ well-being in jeopardy.


When discussing ethics and morals with students, I will mention a physician who had his staff reuse certain medical supplies which put many patients of his at risk for certain blood borne diseases. Yes, his actions are outside ethical principles and his morals are definitely in question. The ethics and morals of his staff are very much in question too as they are the ones who carried out his requests. They knew these actions were wrong, they allowed their own morals to be tainted…but for what means?


We must always remember to do what is best for our patient and to do no harm and think before we act. Our own ethics and morals are very near and dear to us; don’t allow them to be tainted by someone whose actions may harm those we are charged with helping.


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