The Star Player In The Pharmacy Is…

The Star Player In The Pharmacy

Every sports fan out there knows that though it takes the entire team to win, there is a complete understanding that there is one major player calling the plays and determining the team’s strategy. In a pharmacy, the technician is the quarterback!   Pharmacy technicians have a vital role in determining the success of not only the patient’s experience at the pharmacy but also of the pharmacy itself.  The pharmacy tech initially intercepts the patient, ensures all components to complete a task are available, strategizes Rx completion with all outlying factors considered, backs the pharmacist up, and then dashes to..

Paralegal Jobs; Which One Is for You?

paralegal jobs which one is for you

There are so many different paths existing with a career as a paralegal, as shown in this flow chart below. It truly depends on your area of interest. In reflecting upon this chart, if you enjoy assisting people and are sympathetic to your client’s needs, sensitive in nature, you may enjoy a career in estate planning and probate law, perhaps even a career in family law. Should your interest be in economics and federal laws, you may then enjoy specializing in the area of bankruptcy law or tax law. If you enjoy investigation, discovery and preparing all necessary evidence for..

Changes to ICD10

Changes to ICD10

It’s that time again! This past year has certainly flown by, changes to ICD10 will be happening October 1, 2016. With the implementation of ICD10, we coders were given a year without any changes or updates to the ICD10 code set. In just a few short days, our reprieve is up!   In the ever evolving field of medical coders and billers it is necessary to stay current. Attending coding and billing seminars or webinars is an absolute necessity. Many webinars are now available which makes it much easier and certainly more cost effective. Before all the advances in technology,..

Paralegal Studies Program: Field Trip to the Family Courtrooms

Field Trip to the Family

Our Paralegal Studies Program here at Northwest Career College offers the best in legal education, research, writing and communication skills for each student’s utmost success as they transition into their prospective employment position in the legal community. Our paralegal students gain first-hand experience of the process while experiencing various field trips applicable to their studies.  Upon completion of their course studies, students then venture on to their 300-hour externship with a law firm or governmental agency so they may improve their skills and obtain experience on actual cases, under the direct supervision of an attorney, after which students then earn..

An Aspirin A Day


There is truth to the old adage of an aspirin a day keeps the doctor away.  Studies have shown daily use of low dose aspirin can reduce the chances of a myocardial infarction also known as a heart attack.  Many patients who have had a heart attack do take a daily aspirin to lessen the chances of a repeat attack.   The science behind the pill related to the fact that aspirin changes how blood clots.  Aspirin impacts the platelets of the tiny blood cells responsible for clotting.  When there is injury, the platelets form a plug which slows the..

Aromatherapy and Massage

Aromatherapy and Massage

Many ancient cultures used plant aromatics as incense, salves, natural perfumes, and distilled waters for the purpose of health. Today's therapists can draw from the ancient example to restore not only their client's well-being and vitality, but also their own.   Aromatherapy, both a science and an art, is the use of plant-based essential oils to balance the mind, body, and spirit. An essential oil is a volatile liquid extracted from various plant parts by steam distillation. Those aromatic plant parts may be the root, seed, leaf, flower, peel, bark, resin, wood, fruit, or berry. The science refers to an..

What Is Diagnostic Coding

What is EHR

Coding is one compartment of a complex system all falling under the Medical Billing/Insurance Specialist title. A medical coder is a health care professional whose main duty is to analyze medical records and assign codes using a standardized diagnostic or procedural manual. This process is taught at Northwest Career College in Las Vegas.   The use of the ICD10 was implemented on October 1, 2015. This revision allowed for much greater specificity in coding allowing better statistical data to be collected. However, it caused quite a stir increasing the choice of codes from approximately 13,000 to about 68,000!   For..