The Star Player In The Pharmacy Is…

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • March 12, 2024
  • 1 min read
The Star Player In The Pharmacy

Every sports fan out there knows that though it takes the entire team to win, there is a complete understanding that there is one major player calling the plays and determining the team’s strategy. In a pharmacy, the technician is the quarterback!


Pharmacy technicians have a vital role in determining the success of not only the patient’s experience at the pharmacy but also of the pharmacy itself.  The pharmacy tech initially intercepts the patient, ensures all components to complete a task are available, strategizes Rx completion with all outlying factors considered, backs the pharmacist up, and then dashes to the end zone with a therapeutic product in hand.


Every pharmacy staff member participates in the process but the pharmacy tech coaches the entire experience from beginning to end to ensure the patient gets the right dose of the right medicine at the right time.


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Samantha Huntsman
Pharmacy Technician Program Chair

Raised in Cedar City in southern Utah, Samantha ended up in Nevada in 2014 after moving here from Minnesota to escape the winter. After graduating from Cedar City High School, Samantha moved to Southern Utah University where she got her…Read Full Bio