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Pediatric Massage: Is it Effective?

pediatrician examines baby

One of the areas of massage that does not get as much attention as it deserves is pediatric, or children’s, massage. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at the benefits of pediatric massage and why it isn’t as widely used as massage therapy in adults. What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Children? As a general rule, children derive the same benefits from massage therapy as adults, including:    Reduced tension in growing muscles Reduced pain Increased flexibility Maintainance of healthy muscles Improved mood Reduced fatigue   However, there is an added benefit to massage therapy for growing children..

What Is Rheumatology and How Does it Interact With Massage Therapy?

rheumatology medicine

Rheumatology, is a branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases, an area of healthcare often associated with massage therapy.    This is because of message therapy’s proven ability to help alleviate the symptoms of common rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In this article, we’ll be looking at exactly what rheumatology is, what healthcare disorders it covers, and how it interacts with massage therapy.   What Is Rheumatology?   The word rheumatology comes from the Greek word rheûma, which translates to flowing current. Those who have formal training in rheumatology, knowns as rheumatologists, deal mainly..

Is Massage Therapy Covered by Medicare?

massage therapist

Unfortunately, Original Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of massage therapy.   This is because the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which is the federal agency responsible for overseeing Medicare has classified massage therapy under “alternative and complementary medicine” meaning it cannot be covered by Medicare even if it is used to treat medical issues. Does Medicare Advantage Cover Massage Therapy? Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are are private insurance plans that are approved by Medicare. These plans cover everything that Original Medicare does, but also have extended areas of coverage, such as vision or dental care.   In..

New Study Shows Massage Measurably Reduces Stress

Massage reduces Stress

Most massage therapists will be able to tell you in detail about how effective massage therapy is at reducing stress. While the science might have lagged behind the practitioners a little, scientists from the University of Konstanz in Germany have provided measurable proof that massage triggers the body’s parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). What Is the Parasympathetic Nervous System? The parasympathetic nervous system is one of three parts of the human autonomic nervous system. Often referred to as the ‘rest and digest system,’ the PSNS controls many of the subconscious processes they body undergoes when it is at rest.    The..

How Stretching Prevents Damage During Workouts

Stretching before exercise

For many people exercise is something they need to fit in around their busy work/life routines. Being on a short timeframe can mean that the easy thing to do is to hit the gym and jump straight on the weights or the treadmill. Stretching is a luxury that most people don’t think they have time for.   However, proper stretching both before and after exercise is critical to avoiding injuries that can stall your exercise routines. In this article, we’ll be looking at how stretching prevents injuries and how you should do it. Avoid Static Stretching Before we get started,..