What It Takes To Stay Employed

Picture of two Pharmacy Technician Employees

When meeting with prospective employers and hiring managers, I constantly find myself asking them, “What do you look for in an employee?” I have many ideas of what makes for a valuable employee but it is advantageous to get a pulse on what current hiring businesses are looking for in a prospect. Qualities such as being knowledgeable, experienced, properly credentialed, and amiable frequently top the list. However, there is one answer that surprises me every time. One of the most repeated responses is “I want an employee to be here”. By “here” they mean at work and on time. Numerous employers have reported that it is very hard to find employees that arrive to work or arrive to work on time. It is unexplained phenomena that some feel as though dependability is not a high priority. This is incredibly shocking to most who hear it because it is a common perception that most people NEED jobs. This blog may solve our country’s unemployment problem. If you want to keep a job, your main objective should be to show up.


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