The Trick To Being An Amazing Pharmacy Technician

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • March 12, 2024
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Pharmacy Technician

Working as a pharmacy technician is a highly rewarding but high-energy profession. You’ll be on the front lines of a busy pharmacy and be the first point of contact for most customers. People skills and good organizational abilities are a must, but there are a few other tricks and skills you can cultivate to truly stand out as a pharmacy technician.

Trick To Being An Amazing Pharmacy Technician

Be on Time for Work

This might sound obvious, but given the breakneck speed at which most pharmacies run, especially those in a retail setting, there’s no room for tardiness in the pharmacy technician profession.

Be Mindful of the Details

Work is always going to be busy during the day. Keeping the details of whatever task you are doing foremost in your mind is going to help you avoid costly errors and save you time on the double work you’ll need to do fixing those errors.

Know Your OTCs

Over-the-counter medicines or OTCs tend to be seasonal. Different times of the year will bring in waves of allergy, cold, and flu sufferers. If you can chart these waves then you can change your behind-the-counter layout and backorder medications to deal with sudden rushes. 

It’s also best to keep in mind which OTCs require your patient to consult with a physician or pharmacist prior to taking, which is almost always the case if your patient is taking blood pressure medication.

Know Your Boundaries

It’s perfectly ok for you to say, “That’s a question for the pharmacist. I’ll just go and get their help.” It might be tempting when you’re in the middle of a rush hour and the queues are long, but try not to step out of your jurisdiction with the advice you offer. These rules are set in place for the safety of everyone involved.

However, it is perfectly ok for you to be a resource within your particular skill set. The general public will rely on your knowledge of medications. Don’t afraid to share that information, as it will keep the customers coming back.

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Play Your Strong Suits

The best way to stand out as a pharmacy technician is to align your work life with your strong suits. If you’re a people person, make a place for yourself at the front desk.  Patients always want to feel welcome and offered friendly service and you can make yourself the perfect person for the jobs.

If your skills are more analytical and administrative focussed, position yourself in the back office more. There is always a need for strong administrative skills in a busy pharmacy and others won’t mind taking on greeting duties if you can ensure the back-end runs smoothly.

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