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  • March 12, 2024
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Earning a job alongside a successful attorney is an exciting career option for young people, and obtaining an associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from a notable paralegal school in Las Vegas, like Northwest Career College (NWCC), only improves your chances of scoring your dream job.

Learning the ins and outs of the legal world can be endlessly confusing without the proper instruction, so NWCC has designed a program to provide excellent courses and education for students in a timely manner. This way, each person can begin building his or her career as soon as possible.

For a successful career as a paralegal, it’s smart to consider how attending college in Las Vegas and earning an associate’s degree would further your professional opportunities down the road. The benefits of paralegal school include:

1. Learning multiple specialty areas :- While you earn your degree in paralegal studies, you have a chance to learn about independent law practices, governmental entities, real estate, banking, insurance, and more. Studying the intricacies of each area will help you identify what field might be best for your interests after graduation.

2. Maintaining a rigorous academic routine :- Paralegals must maintain a detail-oriented, fast-paced approach to their career, a skill learned during school through the demanding coursework and exciting study opportunities. During your time at NWCC, you will study a wide range of subjects from English Composition to Civil Litigation and Criminal Law. Each area will develop different skills to give you a well-rounded education to create a larger realm of future possibilities.

3. Having an externship and developing professional skills :-Working with a licensed attorney before graduation will greatly improve your chances of earning a job after you finish school. This requirement offers students a chance to get their foot in the door and gain the practical experience necessary to be a marketable paralegal after receiving their diploma.

To learn more about how Paralegal Studies will enhance your career, contact the support team at NWCC to get more information about the best colleges in Las Vegas!

Cassidy Wagner
Dean Of Administrative Programs

A graduate of Coronado High School and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies, Cassidy found her passion in college. Having worked as a paralegal in a law firm for…Read Full Bio

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