Free Online Resources for Language Learners

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  • March 11, 2024
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Using Online Resources for Language Learners

Language learning, especially during times of stress, can help to reduce anxiety and promote better mental health by giving us something to concentrate on rather than the current crisis. 

With many of us restricted to our homes because of the social-distancing restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19, online language learning has become more and more popular. 

So, if you’re thinking of learning another language, here are some free online resources to help you on your way.

Top 5 Free Online Resources for Language Learners

The Live Lingua Project

The Live Lingua Project was put together by founder Ray Blakne, who used a compilation of free language learning resources from the US Peace Corps and Defense Language Institute as its base.

Access to the archive is totally free and users can choose from over 130 languages and look through study guides, audio files, and even complete textbooks. 

MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT, has made great efforts to supply all of its course materials online for the free use of anyone who wants to learn. 

This includes resources from their language department and features courses in Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish.

Along with the resources available, MIT also provides a detailed study plan to help those learning online to structure their own home course.

Internet Polyglot

Internet Polyglot is a website dedicated to helping language learners better understand foreign languages by providing them a way to memorize words and their meanings. 

The site has study materials for twenty-one languages and those materials are broken down into units that will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever studied a language at school or college.

Madinah Arabic Language Course

Arabic is becoming an increasingly popular language amongst online learners and the Madinah Arabic language course offers Arabic instruction for free.

Focusing on both spoken and written Arabic, the Madinah course guides students from the first introductions to the language through an advanced beginner level.

BBC Language Courses

The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) offers comprehensive online courses in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Greek.

These courses are taken from similar language courses used in universities across the UK and are well designed, very complete, and easy to follow.

Experienced, Efficient, And Free For Students

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