Do I have what it takes to be a Dental assistant?

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  • March 11, 2024
  • 2 min read
Do I have what it takes to be a Dental assistant

Dental assisting is a growing field open to both men and women. It is a good choice for someone who likes to help people, is a team player, and a multi-tasker. This ever-expanding career may not be for you if prefer to sit all day as opposed to moving around all day.

As a dental assistant, you will assist dentists in several ways. First, you prepare the patient for the dentist by gathering information, filling out the patient chart, etc. Second, and most importantly to some, you help to calm the anxious patient who is nervous or down right afraid of seeing the dentist. A calm and patient voice can go a long way to preparing the patient for their encounter with the dentist. Lastly, you will assist the dentist with minor surgical procedures including extractions, gum work, and implant surgery, so, it is important to have a strong stomach.

Dental assistants can work part-time and have flexible hours depending on the facility they choose to work in. Hospitals and large staffed offices would be more likely to offer these options than small private offices. There are many types and sizes of dental practices to fit your needs.

At Northwest Career College our Dental Assisting students are exposed to all types of dentistry with an emphasis on hands-on training to prepare you for your new career in the dental filed. If you think that Dental Assisting may be the career for you, give Northwest a call at 702-254-7577 and check us out…you may have just what it takes to be a Dental Assistant.

Jessica Vazquez
Dental Assistant Program Chair

Originally from Southern California, Jessica moved to Las Vegas with her family before she found both a job as part of our Dental Assisting Team and her husband here. Jessica attended Sylmar HS in California and then Charter College for…Read Full Bio