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Which Program at Northwest Career College is right for you?

  • Dental Assisting

    Dental Assisting

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy

  • Medical Assisting

    Medical Assisting

  • Medical Insurance Specialist

    Medical Insurance Specialist

  • Paralegal Studies

    Paralegal Studies

*Denotes ABHES 13-14 reporting year

Why Northwest Career College?

Northwest Career College instructors are the leaders in their fields. They are accomplished, seasoned professionals with extensive academic and hands-on backgrounds. Their mission, both professionally and personally, is focused: to teach and train successful fellow professionals in their chosen field.

Northwest Career College graduates become the leaders in their fields. They work hard in class, become proficient at their skills and demonstrate their mastery of their profession on the job. They prepare for their national exams because passing is an expected step in their ladder of success.

Northwest Career College has high expectations of excellence for both us and you. When you graduate, you are our representative in the community. That’s why we take your success very seriously. We’re are now and forever…committed to excellence. We’d love to see you here!

“Northwest Career College is committed to helping each of our students become excellent in their chosen career. Upon graduation, our career services team works with each student to help them find the perfect position in their field.”
– Dr. John Kenny, Director of Northwest Career College

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