Title IX Reporting Information

NCC encourages individuals to report prohibited conduct to the Title IX Coordinator by using a web form, submitting an email, or contacting the Coordinator by phone, mail, or in person using the information below. Individuals can request assistance in reporting an incident to the Title IX Coordinators from Campus Security Officers, Front Office administrators, or Student Development administrators.

Title IX Coordinators
Dr. Thomas Kenny, Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Web Form
Title IX Email
Title IX Phone
Title IX Mailing Address
7398 Smoke Ranch Road Las Vegas, NV 89128

Reporting allegations of prohibited conduct to the Title IX Coordinator is very important so that NCC can offer supportive measures and resources to impacted individuals and to prevent the reoccurrence of the conduct.

These reports also typically initiate an investigation to determine whether the alleged incident is a violation of this policy. An individual may meet with the Title IX Coordinator, provide an initial statement, and request that NCC not investigate the incident until a later date. Under most circumstances, NCC can honor the request of the reporting party, but NCC may be required to investigate an incident of sexual misconduct if an incident were to involve a weapon, multiple victims, or if there were to be an active danger to the community.

Please note, reporting allegations of prohibited conduct to the Title IX Coordinator is not the same as reporting the conduct to law enforcement. However, the Title IX process can run simultaneously to a criminal investigation conducted by law enforcement. If there are parallel investigations, the Title IX Coordinator will work with external law enforcement to ensure that the Title IX investigation process does not hinder legal process or proceedings.