Tanya Sprang

Tanya Sprang

Business Administration Program Chair

B.A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Tanya moved to Nevada in eighth grade from Tucson, Arizona. Coming from a USAF family, Tanya has lived in many places, such as Arizona, Hawaii, and South Korea. She went to college at UNLV and has a minor in Japanese. Tanya also served in the Peace Corps from 2017 to 2019, teaching in China for two years at a college in Guizhou, Tongren.

As a member of our Business Administrative Assistant instructor team, Tanya’s professional passion is establishing a mutual relationship of trust with both her colleagues and students and helping her students grow while also learning from them in turn.

Tanya loves the positive energy of the school. She always looks forward to spending time with her students because seeing them grow both personally and professionally is wonderful and she’s thankful for being part of their journey.

On the weekends, Tanya likes to meet up with friends to go shopping and eat plenty of food. Her favorites are Chinese hotpot and Korean BBQ, although she’s open to trying a lot of new things if they’re delicious. She also enjoys reading and writing in her free time with her favorite genres being horror and drama.