Nichole Maxfield, N.C.M.A.

Medical Assistant Instructor I

N.C.M.A. Pima Medical Institute

Born in upstate New York, but raised by the beach in North Carolina, Nichole followed her family to Las Vegas when they moved here about five years ago. Once here, she just fell in love with the city.

Nichole graduated high school a semester early in North Carolina. She completed her Medical Assistant certification at Pima Medical Institute and is currently enrolled in Pima for her associate’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

Nichole’s professional goals include growing and developing for the company she works with. She loves being given room to grow and learn. Nichole wants to make a career out of the change in healthcare we need, so getting to teach now is an amazing opportunity to do that.

For Nichole, the best thing about working at NCC is other employees. It is nice to see a workplace that wants to improve socially as well as business-wise. It truly makes a difference and makes her want to come to work even more.

Nichole’s weekends generally are just her and her fiance hanging out with their friends and playing video games.