Morgan Blackwell, L.M.T

Massage Therapy Instructor I

L.M.T. Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy

Morgan was born in Texas, but has lived all over the world. He was a military child so moved around a lot. Morgan has been in Las Vegas since 2004 and very much enjoys the weather so has no plans on moving.

Having attended Cheyenne High School, Morgan attended the Nevada School of Massage Therapy, which changed to Cortiva shortly after he graduated. He is now an instructor for our Massage Therapy School.

Morgan became a massage therapist because he wanted to help people feel better. One of the best feelings in the world is having a client come in with pain, using different modalities of bodywork and giving them self-care tools, and having the client come back in the next session saying that it helped, that they had relief finally.

Before working at NCC, Morgan was working with a chiropractor, and it gave him a lot of insight into injury-specific modalities.

Morgan’s professional passions are making sure therapists do their work in the most ethical way, and knowing how to do the job well will help prevent injuries. His personal passions are helping make sure everyone around me knows that he is a safe person.

Morgan wants to help support in any way that he can and will accept you for who you are. He also firmly believes in self-care in all ways. Taking care of your body mentally and physically, which also means setting healthy boundaries. Morgan tries his hardest to be a good communicator.

For Morgan, the best thing about working for NCC is the supportive and positive environment that I have encountered with all the employees. Everyone is friendly and willing to help.

In his spare time, Morgan can be found playing dungeons and dragons, video games, and working at a renaissance reenactment guild where he practices sword fighting, acting, role playing. Morgan is also learning how to play the ocarina.