Justin Cooper

Administrative Liaison II

Originally from Nuremberg in Germany, Justin has spent most of his time in the US living in Colorado. Justin graduated from Overland High School and went on to a vocational trade school in Clearfield Utah called Clearfield Job Corp.

Justin is proud to have served as an Airborne Paratrooper/Mechanic and now takes the lessons he learned during his time in the military and applies them to his personal passion of being a great role model to his kids and significant other.

At work, Justin believes that the best part about working at NCC is the atmosphere. The positivity on show really drives him to succeed and apply his best effort in any task he is given. Justin strongly believes that, with a team like NCC, success is easily possible.

In his spare time, Justin loves football, hiking and working out, in fact, anything that is physical and keeps his mind working. On the weekends he also enjoys spending time with his family and gaining new experiences with them, whatever they may be.