Julia Latun, B.A., M.A.

General Education Instructor I

B.A. Zaporizhye State University, M.A. Zaporizhye State University

Julia is originally from Ukraine and came to the US as an exchange student, got married, and has been living here ever since. She used to reside in Henderson then moved to the East Coast for a while. Finally, she decided to return to Las Vegas because it feels like home more than any other place.

Having graduated from Zaporozhye State University with a Master’s Degree in English & Literature, and a Master’s Degree in History and Social Science, Julia now works as part of our dedicated General Education team where she enjoys working with students and helping them change their lives.

For Julia, the best thing about working for NCC is the family atmosphere and the opportunity to contribute to its mission.

In her spare time, Julia enjoys traveling, exploring outdoors, or reading.