Jennifer Bagley, C.M.A.

Medical Assistant Instructor I

C.M.A. Platt College

If asked, Jenn claims to be from Las Cruces NM because that is where she went to high school, but she has also lived in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is where she attended Platt College to train as a Medical Assistant, before completing her externship and getting hired on at Norman Urology. For Jenn urology is a fascinating field where she had the opportunity to really utilize all the skills she learned in school.

Jenn is passionate about helping people. In the clinical setting, she was the trainer for new employees and graduates. She loves meeting someone and seeing where their potential can take them while being able to be a part of their journey.

For Jenn, the best thing about working for NCC is the incredible energy and the fact that everyone is helpful and happy.

At the weekend, Jenn can be found taking her family on spontaneous road trips and enjoying Crossfit.