Hazel Munoz, R.M.A., R.P.T.

Medical Assistant Instructor II

R.M.A. R.P.T. Northwest Career College

Hazel is one of our returning students. Having graduated from NCC in 2017, Hazel spent her time in the field, refining her skills, specifically in OBGYN, before returning to be part of the instructor team for our Medical Assisting Program.

Hazel’s professional passion is obstetrics and gynecology and she has always had an interest in women’s health because of how much there is to know about the female body.

For Hazel, the best thing about becoming part of our instructor team is the chance to share the knowledge she gained in the field and filter her instruction through the experiences she had as a student at NCC.

In her spare time, Hazel enjoys indulging in her passion for playing classical and modern violin music whenever she gets the chance. At the weekends, she can be found spending time with her family, hiking, watching movies, and playing dominos.