Gregory Morrison, B.A.

Financial Aid Officer I

B.A. California State University, Sacramento

Originally from Sacramento CA, Gregory moved down to Nevada from LA after the prices and cost of living continued to skyrocket. Gregory attended Laguna Creek High school and got his BA at California State University Sacramento.

Gregory has had a varied career. Originally, he used to play football until an injury caused him to choose a different career path. He then moved to Los Angeles where he was a publicist for a period and was able to meet high-profile celebrities.

After working for the PR firm, Gregory then transitioned into finance and worked for Wells Fargo. He now works as a member of our dedicated Financial Aid department.

Gregory’s professional passions include educating people and assisting them in accomplishing their goals and, for Gregory, the best thing about working for NCC is the atmosphere, the people, and the culture of striving for greatness.

When he’s not at work, Gregory enjoys travel, working out hiking, cooking, and spending time with his family.