Casandra Hosey, B.S., R.D.A.

Healthcare Administration Instructor I

B.S. Colorado Technical University, R.D.A. Dental Board of California

Born in Bakersfield, CA, Casandra obtained her high school diploma from Barstow High School. She attended San Joaquin Valley College in Bakersfield, CA. and it is there that she finished the Dental Assistant Program and obtained her Associate’s Degree.

She later went back to school and pursued a B.S. Degree in Healthcare Management. Casandra has been working in the dental field for over 15-years now. She is a registered dental assistant and is excited to have the opportunity to share some of her skills with her future students.

Casandra’s professional passions include setting and accomplishing small personal goals on a daily basis. She love’s learning so she makes it a habit to read informational books and watch YouTube videos to learn new DIYs to do at home.

For Casandra, the best thing about working for NCC is being able to work with such great supportive people and being provided with all the tools needed to become a great instructor and role model for her future students.

In her spare time, Casandra loves to travel to California and spent time with her family as well as enjoy making candles, listening to music, reading, and watching movies.