Carrie Ostrander, C.B.C.S.

Senior Medical Billing & Coding Instructor

C.B.C.S. Nevada Career Institute

Born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, Carrie moved to Las Vegas NV going on 13 years ago in what was supposed to be just a long vacation.

Having graduated from Clearwater High School and the Nevada Career Institute, Carrie came on board with NCC as one of our MBC Instructors. Professionally, Carrie loves analytics and identifying trends in billing. She enjoys helping providers understand the revenue side of their practice and educating them on how they can grow their business.

Carrie’s personal passions are to keep learning new things, sharing knowledge with others, being true to myself and starting new adventures.

Carries chose to work at NCC because she believes that everyone at NCC is genuinely amazing to work with and very helpful, you can tell the sense of pride everyone has to work
for NCC. She is truly grateful to be apart of the family.

At the weekends, Carrie can be found taking her two springer spaniels on new adventures, hiking, traveling, MLB Baseball games, reading a good book or embarking on a road trip with a great playlist.