Autumn Estes

Administrative Liaison I

Born in a little town named Wheatland, Autumn moved to Nevada with her parents around 2nd grade. She lived in Las Vegas until about 2010 when she then moved to a small town in North Dakota. After two winters she decided to take a job offer in Kauai, HI, and moved to the island for another two years before returning to Las Vegas in 2016.

Having graduated from Votech (renamed as SECTA now) with an emphasis in drafting, Autumn attended CSN right out of high school but took time off to start a family and raise children. She recently restarted at CSN to finish her degree in Business.

Now a member of our Operations team, the best thing about working for NCC for Autumn is the environment and the positivity in everyone she has met.

On the weekends, Autumn can be found traveling, reading, painting, and supporting her son when he plays soccer.