What Are The Best Blogs To Follow For Pharmacy Technician Students?

Pharmacy Technician students

Following Pharmacy blogs in an excellent way to keep up to date with the changing field of pharmaceutical science and for students to access information and resources to help them with their studies. To make sure you get the best from your Northwest Pharmacy Technician Course, there are eight of the best pharmacy studies blogs. Med Ed 101 – Interprofessional Medication Education Med Ed 101 is an excellent resource for pharmacy students. It’s packed full of case studies, board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS) information and other resources that you can use to supplement your lessons and improve your performance. There is..

What Is The Difference Between A Pharmacist And A Pharmacy Technician?

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The pharmacist and the pharmacy technician are vital parts of the any pharmacy, working hand-in-hand to deliver an invaluable service, whether that be in a large hospital or in a retail setting. Given the close working nature, and similar titles and responsibilities, of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician, it can be difficult to understand what separates them.   If you are considering training as a pharmacy technician, but are not quite clear on how that differs from a pharmacist, we’ve put together this easy guide to what makes those two careers different. Education One of the primary differences between a..

How Much Does Pharmacy Technician Can Earn In Nevada?

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If you are considering joining us here at Northwest to train for a career as a pharmacy technician,it is important that you understand the salary prospects for the role. This allows you to build a fuller picture of what the financial rewards of becoming a pharmacy technician are. To help you build that understanding, we’ve put together this guide to how much a pharmacy technician can earn in Nevada. What Determines A Pharmacy Technician’s Salary?   As a general rule, a pharmacy technician’s salary is affected by three factors: geographic location, experience and qualifications. Pharmacy technicians operating in urban areas..

Working As A Pharmacy Technician In A Hospital

Working As A Pharmacy Technician

Working as a pharmacy technician in a hospital offers significant training opportunities, career advancement options and a distinctly different working environment than a retail pharmacy. Institutional pharmacy techs are a hugely important part of how a hospital or clinic operates, working under the supervision of senior pharmacy personnel to ensure that hospital staff are given the correct information about prescriptions and doses based on the recommendations of the medical staff. Key Responsibilities In addition to making sure that hospital staff are aware of the specifics of a particular patient’s prescriptions and dosage, hospital pharmacy technicians prepare and dispense medicines and..

What Tools Does A Pharmacy Technician Use?

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Accuracy is one of the critical skills expected of every Pharmacy Technician, especially when it comes to measuring and dispensing medications to customers. To help the Pharmacy Technician remain as accurate and efficient as possible, most pharmacies have a range of equipment that is regularly used as part of the dispensation process. Here at Northwest Career College, our comprehensive Pharmacy Technician program will give you the skills you'll need to operate all the equipment you'll be expected to use. Additionally, we will provide you with an insight into what it's like to be a Pharmacy Technician, we've listed the most..

What Does A Pharmacy Technician Do?

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The role of the pharmacy technician is varied and exciting, ranging from a customer facing role, where you provide assistance and reassurance, to the exacting precision of measuring and mixing medication. The varied duties of the pharmacy technician make them an invaluable part of any pharmacy, able to turn their hand to a range of vital tasks, while still placing an emphasis on customer service.   Pharmacy technicians can be found working in a variety of workplaces like clinics, hospitals, urgent care units, outpatient units and other health care facilities. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 52% of pharmacy..

The Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians

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Pharmacy technicians are the backbone of any pharmacy. Instrumental to the successful running of the practice, they support pharmacists in a variety of different roles and across a range of settings. However, because they occupy this supporting role, the position of the pharmacy technician is traditionally seen as one of limited function, serving as clerks or cashiers while the more technical or clinical duties are handled by the pharmacist.   In reality, higher patient volume, and an increasing workload for pharmacists, has necessitated an ongoing change in the responsibilities technician are expected to take on. A growing number of pharmacy..

The Employee Evolution

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The term evolution generally creates a vibe of positive growth and change. When people hear it, thoughts are sparked of Darwinism, the Apple company starting as a fledgling business in the home of Steve Jobs, and how civilization began with cave people. Overall, evolution conjures feelings of positive development; change for the good of all.   Evolution can have a different tone and that is evident in the workforce currently. The employee has evolved from being a master in one specialty to a being who holds numerous responsibilities. The pharmacy technician is now someone who prepares medications, manages inventory, takes..

Drug Abuse and Pharm Tech

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has been a documented issue in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century. When heroin surfaced here, we met it with regulation such as the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 and established organizations like the F.D.A to prevent the detriment drugs of its nature can cause. When marijuana and psychedelic drugs became abundant, they were scheduled and controlled to bring abuse to almost a screeching halt. When the streets were flooded with cocaine, law enforcement attempted to arrest anyone whose hands were dirty from illegal drugs.   Today there is a different epidemic..

What It Takes To Stay Employed

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When meeting with prospective employers and hiring managers, I constantly find myself asking them, "What do you look for in an employee?" I have many ideas of what makes for a valuable employee but it is advantageous to get a pulse on what current hiring businesses are looking for in a prospect. Qualities such as being knowledgeable, experienced, properly credentialed, and amiable frequently top the list. However, there is one answer that surprises me every time. One of the most repeated responses is "I want an employee to be here". By "here" they mean at work and on time. Numerous..