The Employee Evolution

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The term evolution generally creates a vibe of positive growth and change. When people hear it, thoughts are sparked of Darwinism, the Apple company starting as a fledgling business in the home of Steve Jobs, and how civilization began with cave people. Overall, evolution conjures feelings of positive development; change for the good of all.   Evolution can have a different tone and that is evident in the workforce currently. The employee has evolved from being a master in one specialty to a being who holds numerous responsibilities. The pharmacy technician is now someone who prepares medications, manages inventory, takes..

Drug Abuse and Pharm Tech

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has been a documented issue in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century. When heroin surfaced here, we met it with regulation such as the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 and established organizations like the F.D.A to prevent the detriment drugs of its nature can cause. When marijuana and psychedelic drugs became abundant, they were scheduled and controlled to bring abuse to almost a screeching halt. When the streets were flooded with cocaine, law enforcement attempted to arrest anyone whose hands were dirty from illegal drugs.   Today there is a different epidemic..

What It Takes To Stay Employed

Pharmacy Technician Employee

When meeting with prospective employers and hiring managers, I constantly find myself asking them, "What do you look for in an employee?" I have many ideas of what makes for a valuable employee but it is advantageous to get a pulse on what current hiring businesses are looking for in a prospect. Qualities such as being knowledgeable, experienced, properly credentialed, and amiable frequently top the list. However, there is one answer that surprises me every time. One of the most repeated responses is "I want an employee to be here". By "here" they mean at work and on time. Numerous..

Proud to be a Pharmacy Technician


I am proud of my profession. My occupation has blessed me with the opportunity to touch lives, help heal people, and contribute to the health and betterment of our country. Being part of the United States' most trusted profession is an honor on so many levels that it inspires me to want to do more. Over the years, I have developed quite a list of things that can be done by the pharmacy technician to help make us better. Here are 5 things pharmacy people should consider doing to improve:   1) Read - Not only are we required to..

To Do or Not to Do: The Great Marijuana Debate

legalization of marijuana

Now that I have your attention, this is not a time for me to discuss such a volatile matter. I would like however to take the time to address the rules about marijuana and its position in the professional world. So now for the question of the day: Is marijuana usage legal? The answer is...NO   Many of you just lost interest because you think the author of this blog is in the dark. I am very aware that our state and many others have legalized the drug for medicinal purposes and recreational usage. I am stating it is illegal..

To Vote or Not to Vote

To Vote or Not to Vote

The word opinion can be defined as the formal expression of a professional judgement. Being as how we are surrounded in the medical field by professionals, opinions are not hard to find. Whether the vote before the businessman, the first female president, or that gentleman most have never heard of, one thing is irrefutable; your vote will not count unless it is cast.   This has been one of the most controversial races witnessed by those tuning in, and it will be one of the toughest decisions Americans will ever have to make. Many any are dead set on their..

The Star Player In The Pharmacy Is…

The Star Player In The Pharmacy

Every sports fan out there knows that though it takes the entire team to win, there is a complete understanding that there is one major player calling the plays and determining the team’s strategy. In a pharmacy, the technician is the quarterback!   Pharmacy technicians have a vital role in determining the success of not only the patient’s experience at the pharmacy but also of the pharmacy itself.  The pharmacy tech initially intercepts the patient, ensures all components to complete a task are available, strategizes Rx completion with all outlying factors considered, backs the pharmacist up, and then dashes to..