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Land Your Dream Job with an Online Paralegal Certification from Northwest Career College

Paralegal Certification

If you're looking for a career change, paralegal certification might be the perfect option! Northwest Career College offers paralegal certificates online that are designed to prepare  students for careers in law.   These courses will teach you how to research legal issues, write legal documents, and create timelines just like paralegals do every day!   The best part is that these courses can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection. What are you waiting for? What is a paralegal? A paralegal is a legal professional who is not an attorney.   Paralegals perform tasks such as researching the law,..

What Is Paralegal Studies?

Paralegal Studies

Paralegal studies is a great way to get qualifications in law without going to university. It provides the knowledge and skills for people who want to work in legal settings, but don't have degrees or other qualifications. This article will explore what paralegal studies are all about, how long they take, and what benefits there are of studying for a qualification in paralegal studies. What Is a Paralegal? Paralegals are an important part of any legal firm. They work closely with lawyers, doing research for cases and providing important services that help the firm run smoothly. Even though they are..

What Can a Paralegal Earn in Nevada?

Paralegal In Nevada

While the career options, job satisfaction, and interesting work opportunities of becoming a paralegal are already good enough reasons to choose it as a new career path, it's also a well paid position.    In this article, we’ll be looking at the salaries for the various levels of experience a paralegal might have and what the mean salary is in Nevada, as per How Much Does an Entry Level Paralegal Make in the United States?  The entry level paralegal researches and analyzes law sources such as statutes, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles, treaties, constitutions, and legal codes. They assist..

What Can You Expect to Learn as a Paralegal?

law and justice

Becoming a paralegal is an excellent way to join the exciting world of the legal profession without spending huge amounts of time and money on law school.  So, if you’re looking to explore a more exciting career, joining us here at NCC’s Las Vegas Paralegal School is an excellent first step, and today we’ll be looking at some of what you can expect to learn. Criminal Law and Procedure As you might expect, criminal law refers to the body of law that deals with crimes committed in the U.S.  As part of your paralegal education, one of the first things..

Technology Skills Every Paralegal Needs to Know

Technology Skills

One of the greatest assets you can possess as a paralegal is a strong understanding of office technology and legal software applications.   Whether you have been in the legal field for a while or you are looking to enter into the legal profession, knowing how to effectively utilize cutting-edge technology skills will give you a major advantage when applying for a job with a law firm.   Below is a list of some of the paralegal technology skills every paralegal, legal secretary, and, frankly, anyone working in a law firm needs to know: Document Management In any given law..