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What Can You Expect to Learn as a Paralegal?

law and justice

Becoming a paralegal is an excellent way to join the exciting world of the legal profession without spending huge amounts of time and money on law school.  So, if you’re looking to explore a more exciting career, joining us here at NCC’s Las Vegas Paralegal School is an excellent first step, and today we’ll be looking at some of what you can expect to learn. Criminal Law and Procedure As you might expect, criminal law refers to the body of law that deals with crimes committed in the U.S.  As part of your paralegal education, one of the first things..

Technology Skills Every Paralegal Needs to Know

Technology Skills

One of the greatest assets you can possess as a paralegal is a strong understanding of office technology and legal software applications.   Whether you have been in the legal field for a while or you are looking to enter into the legal profession, knowing how to effectively utilize cutting-edge technology skills will give you a major advantage when applying for a job with a law firm.   Below is a list of some of the paralegal technology skills every paralegal, legal secretary, and, frankly, anyone working in a law firm needs to know: Document Management In any given law..

6 Jobs You Can Get With a Paralegal Degree

Paralegal Degree

Qualifying as a paralegal doesn’t just restrict you to a specific career. The combination of research, presentational, and administrative skills gained while studying to be a paralegal open a range of job opportunities.    In today’s article, we’ll be looking at some of the jobs, that aren’t a paralegal, that you can get with a paralegal degree. Bankruptcy Petition Preparer 1 § U.S.C. 110 a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparers, governs how a person can work as a petition preparer.  A bankruptcy petition preparer is a non-lawyer who prepares bankruptcy petitions for the general public for a fee.     As a..

Paralegal Resources to Help Deal With Stress

Paralegal Resources

Regardless of whether you’re training to be a paralegal, a graduate paralegal looking for their first position, or an experienced paralegal already working for a legal firm, working in the legal field can be overwhelming at times.   Thankfully, there some resources available specifically for paralegals to help you wind down after a hard day of work or education. Lowering the Bar Lowering the Bar is a site dedicated to legal humor run by law partner Kevin Underhill. Underhill uses his legal and analytical skills, coupled with a good understanding of humor and some excellent writing to cover a variety..

What Legal Careers Can You Get Without a Law Degree?


When people imagine a career in law, their first thought it normally of highflying lawyers and judges. However, there is a whole legal profession eco-system that supports these two jobs and is just as vital to how the American legal system works.    While you will need a law degree to become a lawyer, there is a huge range of legal jobs that don’t need a law degree and, in this article, we’ll be looking at some of them. Paralegal Paralegals provide vital support to lawyers during cases and are an integral part of the modern legal process. A paralegal..