Expected growth in Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

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Medical Billing and Coding is part of what the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) classifies as Medical Records and Health Information Technicians. According to BLS reports, the Bureau expects much faster than average growth. Demand for Health Information Technicians is expected to increase because of the rapid growth in the number of medical tests, treatments and procedures to be recorded. With an aging population, it only makes sense there will be an increase in contact with healthcare services. Of course, this growth will require trained technicians to enter demographics, process charges, and insure that the physicians are being properly..

Medical Billing Software

Working in Medical billing software

If you are interested in a Medical Billing and Coding career, you will undoubtedly be working with medical billing software. There are many companies today specializing in software for the medical practice. We at Northwest Career College have partnered with Collaborate MD to use its training version (Claim Gear) to enable our students to practice hands-on in scheduling, demographics, claim submission, payment posting and revenue reporting.   Collaborate MD was developed in 1999 and had processed over 43 Billion dollars in claims, and serviced over 19 Million patients. This hands-on experience using high tech software employed in so many facilities..

The Fear of ICD10


It has been eight months since the long anticipated implementation of ICD10. This is a word that put fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned medical billers and coders. ICD10 includes more than sixty-eight thousand codes compared to its predecessor ICD9 with its mere thirteen thousand codes. The Medical billing and coding program offered at Northwest Career College uses the latest medical coding curriculum offered, including training using ICD10.   The successful transition to ICD10 has been attributed to the preparedness of hospitals, physicians and insurers providing webinars, seminars and newsletters as well as with Career Colleges like..

Medical Billing Education Online


Northwest Career College offers online education for busy adults wishing to either brush up on current skills or venture in a whole new direction.   Deciding to take that step can be exciting, and filled with anxiety at the same time. At Northwest Career College, programs such as Medical Billing and Coding offer students the best of both worlds.   Northwest students not only have access to the latest educational materials online, they also use a simulated medical billing program which is currently used in many medical practices. This double-pronged approach enables the student to experience “hands on” training with..

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

What is Medical Billing and Coding

According to Wikipedia, Medical Billing and Coding is the process of submitting and following up on claims with various health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. The same process is used for most insurance companies, whether they are private companies or government sponsored programs.   Medical Billing and Coding is much like a challenge or puzzle that puts together pieces of a patient’s healthcare with their doctor and their insurance provider. This information should results in payment to the doctor or hospital on behalf of the patient. It’s just not as easy..

Changes to ICD10

Changes to ICD10

It’s that time again! This past year has certainly flown by, changes to ICD10 will be happening October 1, 2016. With the implementation of ICD10, we coders were given a year without any changes or updates to the ICD10 code set. In just a few short days, our reprieve is up!   In the ever evolving field of medical coders and billers it is necessary to stay current. Attending coding and billing seminars or webinars is an absolute necessity. Many webinars are now available which makes it much easier and certainly more cost effective. Before all the advances in technology,..

What Is Diagnostic Coding

What is EHR

Coding is one compartment of a complex system all falling under the Medical Billing/Insurance Specialist title. A medical coder is a health care professional whose main duty is to analyze medical records and assign codes using a standardized diagnostic or procedural manual. This process is taught at Northwest Career College in Las Vegas.   The use of the ICD10 was implemented on October 1, 2015. This revision allowed for much greater specificity in coding allowing better statistical data to be collected. However, it caused quite a stir increasing the choice of codes from approximately 13,000 to about 68,000!   For..

Organizational Skills Needed to Be an Effective Medical Billing Agent

When most people think of the medical field they think of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and physician assistants. What many of us forget is that these people couldn’t do their jobs well without medical billing agents. If you’re considering becoming an agent, the medical billing school at Northwest Career College can help you. Our medical billing school in Las Vegas can teach you all the organizational skills you need.   Skill 1: Time Management   As a medical billing assistant, you’ll deal with sensitive data such as patient accounts, insurance information, codes, and treatment records. Therefore, you can’t afford to let..