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How Much Does a Certified Medical Assistant Make?

Certified Medical Assistant

The medical field is booming and there are many different opportunities for people who want to work in this industry. One of the most popular jobs that a person can get is as a certified medical assistant or CMA.    There are many reasons why someone might be interested in what it takes to become a CMA, what they do on the job, how much they make, and what kind of certification process you need to go through before receiving your certificate.   Keep reading for information about what exactly being a certified medical assistant entails and how much you can..

Three Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Enroll at the NCC Medical Assisting School

Medical Assisting school

There has never been a better time to enroll at NCC to train for a future career as a medical assistant. If you’re considering joining us, here are three great reasons to make the jump! 1. Medical Assistant Job Growth Is on the Rise The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) predicts that jobs in the field of medical assisting will grow 23 percent from 2014-2024. That means we’re in the middle of this job growth right now - and it’s a great trend for aspiring and current medical assistants.   In addition to that growth, online job postings for medical..

De-Mystifying Medical Latin for Medical Assistants


We have our ancient Greek and Roman ancestors for bringing western medical practice out of the shadow of superstition and magic and taking the first steps to turn it into the science it is today.   Some of those ancient roots survive into modern medicine in the form of the complex Latin medical terms we still use. These are great for anyone studying the history of medicine but less useful if you’re a Medical Assistant student trying to puzzle out what they mean.    To help you out, we’ve put together this brief guide to how to use prefixes, suffixes,..

A Medical Assisting Degree Lets You Choose from a Range of Exciting Workplaces

Medical Assisting Degree

Medical assistants are vital and sought after workers in a variety of fields, allowing them to choose from a range of different and exciting work environments.   The diversity in responsibility and setting, along with great job stability and high earning potential is the primary reason that so many people are looking to qualify into a career as a medical assistant. A Range of Different and Exciting Job Opportunities Depending on where a medical assistant is employed, the same role might have vastly different duties. You might work as administrative assistants, filling out insurance forms or code patients’ medical information...

Has Lockdown Affected Our Immune Systems?


The last year of the lives of most people around the globe has been a continuous cycle of masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. This has led to questions being raised about how this level of social isolation has impacted our immune systems.   In this article, we’ll be exploring the potential impact of the pandemic on the immune systems of adults, children, and infants born during the pandemic. Is the Overuse of Hand Sanitizer an Issue? One of the most common questions related to the pandemic is whether or not hand sanitizer affects the immune responses of young people...