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What Jobs Can You Get With a Medical Administrative Assistant Qualification?

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One of the best things about a career-focused qualification like an Associate’s Degree in Medical Administrative Assistance is that you aren’t restricted to one job option and one job option only.   Some of these jobs might require experience or supplemental qualifications, but they all require a mixture of medical and administrative skills.   With one foot in both the medical and administrative worlds, you have a range of choices you can pursue to find the career best suited to you. In today’s article, we’ll get showing you some of the roles you can aspire to once you’ve graduated from..

5 Challenges Every Medical Administrative Assistant Has to Overcome

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Becoming a medical administrative assistant means taking on a challenging position and some significant responsibilities. Just because the position isn’t medical or patient-facing, doesn’t mean it isn’t one that requires a significant amount of dedication or that it isn’t vital to the function of a well-run healthcare facility.   In return for shouldering these responsibilities, medical administrative assistants are rewarded with a well-paid, well-respected position with great job satisfaction. If you feel you have what it takes to overcome the challenges we’ve listed below, then you might find you’re well suited to an exciting career as a medical administrative assistant...

Desk Yoga for Medical Administrative Assistants


Working as a medical administrative assistant means spending large periods of time in front of a computer or sitting in an office chair. While filing all of those patient reports might be vital to the running of the healthcare provider you work for, it’s not so good for your back. So, if you find yourself falling into the typical office hunch and the back and shoulder pain that comes with it, here are some yoga poses you can do at your desk to help relieve the tension. Seated Crescent Moon The crescent moon pose works by eliciting a deep stretch..

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Education

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Online career training has become more common than ever before and many hundreds of thousands of people use online learning to qualify for their future career opportunities every year.    However, unlike the traditional education structure we’re all familiar with, many people still have some questions about how online education works. To help clear things up, today we’ll be answering three of the most frequently asked questions about online education. Is There a Difference Between Traditional Courses and Courses Designed for Online Study? Absolutely there is!    Teaching a class online and learning online both have different benefits to traditional..

4 Tips for Expediting Virtual Meetings

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With the current emphasis on social distancing, business meetings are one of the areas where businesses are able to limit personal interactions by moving meetings into an online space. However, conducting a productive virtual meeting successfully can be challenging, given the variables involved. In this article, we’ll be looking at what those challenges are and what potential solutions there are to them. Using the Right Platform  There are a myriad of platforms to conduct virtual meetings on to choose from, with some of the more well know options being Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts. However, narrowing down that..