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What Does a Medical Administrative Assistant Do ?

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants are some of the most important workers in any healthcare provider, supporting front line medical staff with vital clerical assistance and generally helping to keep the back end of any healthcare provider running smoothly.   If you’re interested in becoming a key cog in the rapidly expanding American healthcare sector, here’s a quick peek behind the desk at what a medical administrative assistant actually does. What Is the Role of a Medical Administrative Assistant? If the role of a medical assistant is to assist doctors and nurses, then the role of medical administrative assistant is to assist..

What Are the Benefits of Qualifying as a Medical Administrative Assistant With NCC

Medical Administrative

Medical Office Administration is a growing sector of the medical industry. Becoming a Medical Administrative Assistant is an increasingly popular career path among individuals who want to enter the healthcare sector.    If you are interested in getting a job in the medical industry but don’t know where to start, you should consider joining NCC to qualify as a Medical Administrative Assistant.    One of the best parts about the career is that there are classes you can take to help you get a jump start in the career, and get a competitive edge during the job application process.  ..

What Are the Social Determinants of Healthcare?


As a medical administrative assistant, one of the key factors that can affect your day-to-day work is political, socioeconomic, and cultural factors that impact how your patients access healthcare.    In this article, we’ll be looking at those factors and their influence.  What Are Social Determinants of Healthcare? The World Health Organization (WHO) defines social determinants of health as “the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life.”   A study cited by the National Academy of Medicine found that medical care itself..

5 Medical Administrative Assistant Trends

Medical Administrative Assistants

As part of our commitment to our students, we want our graduates to have the best opportunities to obtain the best possible job roles and follow the career of their dreams.    To help our students succeed in the job market, we analyze the trends showing up in the medical administrative assistant job market so our graduates can apply for positions knowing exactly what employers are looking for. Employers Value Qualifications Over Experience  According to the NHA 2020 Industry Outlook, which surveys 171 healthcare employers, the most important factor used to screen potential employees is whether they have a  ..

What Tools Do You Use as a Medical Administrative Assistant?

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Medical administrative assistants are a hugely important part of any healthcare facility, providing critical clerical assistance to both co-workers and patients. Simply put, medical administrative assistants are vital to helping to keep the whole operation running smoothly.   So, if you’re interested in joining our Medical Administrative Assistant School and qualifying to do one of the most important jobs in a doctor’s office or clinic, here are the tools you’ll be using to complete your daily duties.  Your Agile Mind It might be a bit of a cliche, but it really is true that the best tool available to a..