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Great Resources for Students Looking for Financial Aid

Looking for Financial Aid

Are you a parent, a student, or a college admissions counselor who needs to know more about paying for college? In addition to books and magazine articles that offer insights, there are also a number of blogs that offer advice. Here is a list of some we found that offer good information. The Millennial Money Man Blog A blog that offers good advice about personal finance and debt. Recent post: “7 Ways to Pay Off Student Loans Faster” Student Debt Warriors Blog Topics include debt reduction, borrowing, and paying for college. Recent post: “Six Ways You Can Help Your Child..

Top Tips for Online Learning

online study

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, online learning has become the most popular and viable option for those looking to enter into education. Here at Northwest, we provide full support, including a laptop, for all our online learners. So, if you’re taking an online course to extend your learning, here and some top tips to help you get the best from it. Treat it as You Would in Person One of the best ways to succeed with online learning is to treat the experience as you would with an on-campus class.    This means approaching your studies in the same..

The Covid-19 Relief Bill and Tax-Free Status for Student Loan Forgiveness

coronavirus paycheck

The U.S. Senate recently passed an amended version of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. One of the amendments to the plan adds tax-free student loan forgiveness to the House version of the bill. The House is expected to pass the Senate version of the bill and the President has said that he will sign it into law. What Does This Mean for Student Loans? According to Lexology and Forbes, section 9675 of the 628-page legislation changes the tax treatment of student loan forgiveness in 2021 through 2025, inclusive. The legislation excludes from income the full or partial discharge..

5 Important Facts About Student Finance

Student Finance

Student finance is a critically important link between people and the education they want, providing the necessary funding for them to achieve their goals. However, many of those who are able to apply for student finance don’t because think they are ineligible or because they simply don’t understand the process.   To help you understand how you can apply for the funding you need to get the education you want, here are five Important facts about student finance. The FAFSA FASFA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is the form you fill out on a yearly..

How to Protect Yourself from Malware

Malware detected

With more and more students turning to online lessons due to social distancing, the threat of malware disrupting people’s studies is increasing. If you’ve recently signed up for an online course, we’ve put together this short and easy to follow guide to how to protect yourself from malware. What Is Malware? Malware, or malicious software, are computer programs designed to infect your computer and inflict harm. Viruses can destroy your computer’s ability to operate while Trojan Horses can give cybercriminals a way to steal and sell your personal information to identity thieves.    Malware is normally a tool designed by..