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The 8 Primary Benefits of English Language Learning

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Learning a new language is both a complex process and a major commitment in terms of time and effort. However, there are huge benefits to learning a second language.    So, if you’re considering joining us in one of our ESL programs, which are free for our students and their families, here are some of the many benefits. The Ability to Communicate in a New Language While it might seem obvious, the main benefit a person gains when they commit to learning English, or any language is the ability to use that language to communicate with other speakers of that..

What Makes English Difficult to Learn?

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It’s often said that English is one of the hardest languages to learn. This isn’t entirely true as it actually places mid-table on the U.S Diplomatic services list of language difficulty.    However, it can’t be denied that there are some oddities to the English language that can catch new learners out. Today, we’ll be discussing some of those oddities. Why Is English So Odd? Part of what has added so many oddities to the English language is the fact that it is a composition language made up of French, German, and Danish roots.    This amalgamation of three different..

The Strangest Words in the English Language

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English is an amazing amalgamation of serval languages and has its roots in a mixture of Latin, French, German, and Danish. As you might expect with a compound language that has gone through such a complicated evolution, there are a lot of strange words in English.   English is also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, meaning that there is a long list of countries that have added their own unique words to the language.    In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the strangest and most enjoyable words in the English language. Cattywampus..

What Are the Easiest Languages to Learn?


Learning any new language takes time, but not all languages are equal when it comes to how much effort you have to put into learning them.   If you are considering taking up a new language, but aren’t sure which one you want to learn, and would prefer to learn something you can master in as little time as possible, then good news!   The Foreign Service Institute, part of the Federal Government that teaches foreign languages to would-be or current diplomats, has ranked the 70 most spoken languages in the world in order of ease of learning for a..

How Bilingualism Can Boost Your Brain


Learning and using a second language is a complex process and you’re going to end up muddling verbs, cases, and whole sentences along the way. However, it is exactly these mistakes that can help overcome the degradation of your brain that comes with age.    In today’s article, we’ll be looking at how learning and using a second language, bilingualism, can help to boost your brain’s performance and keep it healthy in the long run. What Are the Benefits of Bilingualism? One of the major benefits of learning and using a second language is the boost it gives to you..