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What Jobs Can You Do With a Dental Administrative Assisting Qualification?

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While the obvious position for someone with a qualification in dental administration is working in a dental office, administration is a core part of nearly all business, meaning that getting a dental administration from NCC has a wider range of applications than you might think.   In this article, we’ll be looking at what you’ll learn as part of our Associate’s Degree in Dental Administrative Assisting and what other positions it can be applied to. What Skills Will I Learn as Part of My Dental Administrative Assisting Course? As part of our dental administration degree, you’ll get to train in..

Tech Tools for Dental Administrative Assistants

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As a busy dental administrative assistant, you’ll find that your time is at a premium. Having the right set of tools on hand to streamline your workload and give you back the time lost to inefficiency is vital. In today’s’ article we’ll be looking at some tech tools that can do just that. Hootsuite Dentists’ offices are businesses and businesses need customers, which, in this day and age often means social media marketing. More often than not, managing social media accounts falls to the administrative assistant.    Hootsuite is a digital tool that can take a lot of pressure and..

The American Dental Association Issues Guidelines for a Positive COVID-19 Test

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In order to help dentists manage the health of their team members during the COVID-19 crisis, the American Dental Association (ADA) has created a series of guidelines for dental staff on how to react if they are exposed to a patient who later tests positive for COVID-19 or has a household member test positive. What Are the ADA’s Suggested Actions After a Positive COVID-19 Test? Building on the CDC’s interim guidelines for health professionals during the COVID-19, the ADA has produced a set of procedures specifically for dental practices. The full document can be found on the ADA website, but..

How the Use of A.I Is Changing Dentistry

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The current perception of A.I is one fulled by Hollywood, bringing to mind talking robots and dangerous world-controlling computer intelligence. The reality is far more wide-spread and far less entertaining.    The use of A.I across nearly every sector is on the rise and, in today’s article, we’ll be looking at how it is being used in dentistry and its effect on job roles in the dental field. How Is A.I Used in Dentistry? At first glance, dentistry seems like an unusual sector to embrace artificial intelligence. However, as with most medical fields, dental practices often have to analyze vast..

How to Be Productive Without Burning Out

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Organizing your own time table and making sure you have fulfilled your own responsibilities can be difficult at the best of time. If you’re a dental administrative assistant, responsible for the timetables of several busy dental staff, the pressure is massively multiplied.   Trying to stay as productive as possible while stopping yourself from completely burning out can be a fine line to walk, so, to help out, here are some tips you can you to stay productive without harming yourself in the process. Don’t Overextend Yourself Sometimes, the worst thing we can do is say “Yes, I can do..