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Why Now Is the Best Time to Qualify as a Dental Administrative Assistant

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Dental administrative assistants provide vital clerical and administrative support to their colleagues and are a hugely important part of any dental office. If you’re considering qualifying for one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand healthcare industry positions by joining our Dental Administrative Assistant School, here are some reasons why now is the time to do it. The Job Market for Dental Administrative Assistants Is Growing According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for dental administrative assistants is expected to grow by as much as seven percent over the next decade. That means an estimated 23,400 will be..

What Questions Will You Be Asked in Your Dental Administrative Assisting Interview?

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Heading into your first dental administrative assisting interview is going to be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’ve only recently graduated. However, having some idea of what you’re going to be asked gives you the opportunity to prepare and be less nervous.   Today we’ll be going over some of the most common interview questions for dental administrative assisting positions. Are You Approachable?  A dental administrative assistant is both a patient-facing role and one of the key lynchpins that communicate with all other members of their dental office. This makes it very important that you can get on with a..

Five Skills to Help You Succeed as a Dental Administrative Assistant This Year

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The world of the dental administrative assistant is one with multiple responsibilities covering many different areas of any dental practice. While this amount of plate spinning is what makes being a dental administrative assistant so rewarding and exciting, it can also be a little difficult at times.    Thankfully, there are certain skills, the kind we teach in our Dental Administrative School, you can develop that will help you streamline your workload, become more organized, efficient, and overall a better dental administrative assistant, and in today’s article, we’ll be covering some of them. Understanding Your Resources One way to stay..

What Jobs Can You Do With a Dental Administrative Assisting Qualification?

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While the obvious position for someone with a qualification in dental administration is working in a dental office, administration is a core part of nearly all business, meaning that getting a dental administration from NCC has a wider range of applications than you might think.   In this article, we’ll be looking at what you’ll learn as part of our Associate’s Degree in Dental Administrative Assisting and what other positions it can be applied to. What Skills Will I Learn as Part of My Dental Administrative Assisting Course? As part of our dental administration degree, you’ll get to train in..

Tech Tools for Dental Administrative Assistants

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As a busy dental administrative assistant, you’ll find that your time is at a premium. Having the right set of tools on hand to streamline your workload and give you back the time lost to inefficiency is vital. In today’s’ article we’ll be looking at some tech tools that can do just that. Hootsuite Dentists’ offices are businesses and businesses need customers, which, in this day and age often means social media marketing. More often than not, managing social media accounts falls to the administrative assistant.    Hootsuite is a digital tool that can take a lot of pressure and..